Squeezing Oranges to Detox and Cleanse

My mum would religiously squeeze oranges first thing in the morning and bring the juice up to my bedroom before breakfast. She would always warn me: “Drink up otherwise all the vitamins will go!”.

As a typical ungrateful teenager I used to moan and think she was paranoic when it is actually well known that vitamin C oxidates very quickly letting all its precious properties evaporate when it comes in contact with air.

In Italy there is a saying which states: “An orange is gold in the morning, silver at midday and lead in the evening”.

It is highly recommended to have acidic fruit first thing in the morning, preferabily before breakfast. Immediately after a meal, however, sour fruit should be avoided because it makes the digestion of proteins more difficult and it would also cause an unpleasant fermetation.

Also it is best to avoid citrus fruit just before bedtime as there is no time to end the digestive process. So the best way is to have them away from main meals.

Squeezing oranges

Squeezing oranges at go go!

These days many people buy a carton of juice at the supermarket. Easy-peasy and convenient but it is a shame that many have quite a lot of sugar added and some come from concentrate which means they are first dehidrated and then re-hydrated. So different to the natural stuff!


Citrus fruit are packed with vitamins

Oranges and lemons to detox

There is no doubt that the best way is to squeeze the fruit by ourselves. After all it is so easy to squeeze a couple of oranges and once you get into the habit it won’t seem much of an effort.

Having freshly squeezed oranges will give you a feeling of well being. Fresh juice is so refreshing, energetic and delicious. The best way to start the day!

So, let’s squeeze!

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