Squid and peas in tomato sauce

Squid and peas in tomato sauce

By 14/10/2012

This is a dish to enjoy with lots of crunchy bread to help mopping up the juices. Also it is excellent  in the winter with soft polenta.

You often get fried calamari (squid) rings being served in village festivals in Italy. They are tasty but you don't always want to fry them. A classic Italian way of having them is to cook them in tomato sauce and peas. They just go so well together.

It is a pretty straightforward dish: the squid won't be chewy unless you overcook it, 35-40 minutes is the ideal time and you can get your fish monger to clean it so you won't have to mess about at home.

Add a small chilly to give this dish a bit of a kick and enjoy all the flavours of the Mediterranean.

  • Prep Time : 30 minutes
  • Cook Time : 35-40 minutes



Clean the squid, wash it and cut it into quarters.

In a pan stir fry the garlic cloves with 2 tbsp of olive oil. Add the chopped chilly and the anchovies and cook until the anchovies have dissolved. Add the squid and the wine and let it evaporate for a couple of minutes. Add the tomato sauce, capers, salt and pepper, peas and parsley and cook for 35 minutes until the squid is tender.

Serve with rustic bread and a good bowl of salad.

squid and peas in tomato sauce

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29 Responses to Squid and peas in tomato sauce

  1. jaz

    this looks fabulous. i love calamari!

  2. lazylauramaisey

    Like a lot! I love squid! I’m definitely trying this recipe.

      • lazylauramaisey

        Good to know. Easy is good!

  3. Mich - Piece of Cake

    I do prefer squid in sauces compared to deep fried… this squid dish is making my mouth water. And yes, the bred is great to go with the sauce. I’d like to have a bowl with lots of sauce, please!

  4. Carmine Volpe

    è molto interessante mi piache che hai aggiuntp le acciughe salate che danno un bel sapore in più molto piacevole

  5. My Little Italian Kitchen

    Thank you Rita. I think this is def. a favourite within the family!

  6. All That I'm Eating

    This looks great, a really tasty dish and I love the addition of capers!

  7. Marina@Picnic at Marina

    look so-so good!

  8. Javelin Warrior (@javelinwarrior)

    Another fantastic seafood recipe, Alida – love the preparation of the squid. And as much as I love bread, I would probably opt for the polenta if I had a choice with this meal – it sounds so good with these flavors… Thanks so much for sharing…

    • My Little Italian Kitchen

      Thank you Javelin. It is always a pleasure to share with you!

  9. la cucina di Molly

    Piselli e calamari sono un abbinamento perfetto! Ottima ricetta gustosa e invitante, brava! Ciao

  10. Our Growing Paynes

    I love calamari! But I can’t get it at my store. 🙁 I can get starters at restaurants but that’s it round here. I would love to experiment with this ingredient.

    • My Little Italian Kitchen

      I find it in Morrisons. They always have fresh fish there.

      • Our Growing Paynes

        Wish we had a Morrisons then. 🙂 Though a fishmonger did open here. But as we are two hours from the ocean not sure how fresh it would be. I should check it out.

  11. Velva

    Very nice! Definitely a meal to enjoy without a rush to finish your meal. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Zoe

    Mopping up the gravy of this dish… This must be extremely delicious. Hope to substitute squid with fish for my cooking because I’m allergy to squid.

  13. Ombretta

    Che delizia questo piatto!!!! Bello colorato e saporito , con quel sughetto farei subito scarpetta!!!!
    Baci cara

  14. My Italian Smörgåsbord

    lovely, lovely recipe! I must resolve to get some squid and do this supersoon. so nice to be back!

  15. unikorna

    Although I come from a place where they love heavy meals, I am inclined towards your delicious culinary proposal. It may have a lot to do with your mise en place. You are very talented, I would be very curious to know which is your profession, if I’m not prying of course. Kisses beautiful Alida.

    • My Little Italian Kitchen

      Dear Petronela, I like to get comments from you as they always make me happy. I am a full time mum (for the time being) and I blog to keep myself “sane”!

  16. Vanessa @ Cakes and Teacups

    This is really nice Alida…For some reason i haven’t been getting any feed of your posts in my emails and I’m following you. I had to go on your site to see if you’ve been posting yummy dishes…I wonder why?

  17. Linda

    I don’t care for squid, however i could make a meal out of the sauce, bread and a glass of wine. You can cook! I love visiting because you always come up with delicious meals.

  18. Debra

    Ciao, Alida. I just now came across your site. This is the perfect way to prepare calamari with peas and tomatoes. Outstanding! I have actually seen recipes that call for shallots or onions instead of garlic. I cannot in good conscience meld onions with the poor little squid, which screams for garlic! Thank you. This dish brings back wonderful childhood memories. I’m Italian American, first generation. Most of my extended family live in Italy in Le Marche. In fact, one of my cousins owns an award winning winery and has about 20 hectares of vineyards. It’s time for a visit, I think! Although I can cook just about anything, I enjoy keeping the Italian tradition alive in my kitchen. I hope that all is well with you. Please take care. Grazie.

    • Alida

      Dear Debra,
      This recipe is such a classic of the Italian cuisine. My mum used to make it like this, infact I always use her recipe which uses garlic. I tried also to use onion but I quite like the flavour of garlic with fish. Ultimately is whatever you like really. It is lovely that you still have this childhood memories and to pass your Italian heritage to the next generations. All the best x

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