Stellar hard anodised roasting tins set giveaway

Following my review for Stellar hard anodised roasting tins  I am really pleased to be giving away a set of two Stellar Hard anodised 32 x 22cm and 36 x 26 cm roasting tins courtesy of Stellar Cookware.

stellar roasting trays

Both tins are excellent for making super crispy roasts and and really easy to clean thanks to the hard anodised technique which gives pans a significantly longer lifespan than traditional bakeware and makes it virtually non-porous, safe to use with metal utensils.

■ Hard Anodised heavy gauge material, abrasion resistant, can even use metal utensils

■ Unlike non-stick bakeware the surface will not peel or flake off

■ Efficient and even heat distribution for superior cooking & baking results

■ Suitable for oven use up to 240˚C, can also be used under the grill and even on the hob

■ Hand wash only in warm soapy water ■ Stellar Lifetime Guarantee

■ Sleeved

Would you like the chance to win it? Enter the gleam form below. This is a raffle. The more entries the more chances of winning.

Terms and conditions:

  1. You can enter with the Gleam widget below via blog comment, twitter, facebook, instagram or pinterest.
  2. Please comment on this blogpost before proceeding with other entry options (this is mandatory).
  3. One winner will be randomly selected, announced in the Gleam giveaway box and contacted via their provided e-mail address. Please claim your prize within 4 days of being notified.
  4. Giveaway open to UK residents over the age of 18 only.
  5. This giveaway closes on January 19th 2016

Win two Stellar roasting tins


WINNER: Mandy D.

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569 Responses to Stellar hard anodised roasting tins set giveaway

  1. iain maciver


  2. Kelly West

    a roast dinner 🙂

  3. Susan Lloyd

    Roast vegetables x

  4. Vic R

    Loving this giveaway 🙂

  5. Fiona Timms

    great big roasts

  6. Brad Start

    The Christmas joint

  7. Dee Dmonte

    I would cook my Christmas veg and roasts spuds 🙂

  8. lika

    the crispiest roast potatoes ever!

  9. ruth robinson

    the roast turkey

  10. Samantha loughlin

    Roast lamb

  11. Tracy K Nixon

    roasted vegetables!

  12. Michaela Hannah

    Slow roasted lamb shoulder with winter veg


    a nice haunch of venison

  14. Tracy Newton

    Roasted peppers, courgettes, onions, mushrooms and chicken. Something lighter after all the indulgence of Christmas

  15. Ceejay Suto

    Definitely Roast Vegetables – love them

  16. Harry Sutton

    Italian style roasted vegetables.

  17. Ruth Harwood

    A roast with potatoes and Parsnips and Beef 🙂

  18. kim neville

    A nice roast chicken

  19. Jennifer Haden

    Roast chicken x

  20. Tal Haimoff

    Antipasti offcourse

  21. Paula Readings

    Lasagne, yum.


    A beef roast x

  23. Ray Dodds

    Roast beef with crispy roast potatoes

  24. Liam Bishop

    Kleftiko – yum!


    Roast Chicken

  26. Elaine Savage

    A delicious roast gammon

  27. Annette Oliver

    Roast chicken

  28. Hassina Begum

    Chicken my favourite.

  29. Keith Hunt

    beef wellington

  30. Jeff Armstrong

    SLow roast pork with crackling and goose fat roast potatoes with garlic and herbs

  31. Sheila Evans

    Different meats, preferably chicken or turkey, always with roast potatoes and fresh veg.

  32. Carolynn Woodland

    The first meal would be a Sunday roast dinner.

  33. Kevin Honey

    Roast pork with crackling!

  34. laura stewart

    has to be a chicken dinner 🙂

  35. William Critchlow

    Roast lamb

  36. Carol Emmett

    Roast potatoes

  37. Andrew reed

    Roast dinner

  38. aaron broad

    Roast Chicken

  39. Beverley Cousins

    Roast chicken with all the veg..

  40. suzanne Drummond

    roast dinner

  41. clair downham

    roast beef thankyou

  42. Julie D

    a good old fashioned Roast Dinner

  43. Susan Smith

    Roast chicken

  44. karen cowley

    Sunday Roasts , should do these more often x

  45. Katie Skeoch

    A roast silverside for the family


    roast beef with roasties

  47. Irene Wright

    Beef Wellington

  48. KATHY D

    Roast Beef joint with roast parsnips and potatoes round the bottom



  50. Julie Tift

    Chicken with peppers and onions in fajita sauce

  51. mama syder

    Roast potatoes and veggies

  52. Sue C

    I quite often roast butternut squash…both in halves and cut up into little pieces, so there’s look ideal for that.

  53. Claire D

    Lovely Sunday roasts for the family

  54. laura banks

    roasted vegetables

  55. Rhonda

    Honey Roast Salmon

  56. Andrea Fletcher

    A roast beef dinner.

  57. Karen Richards

    Lamb leg, roast potatoes and roast parsnip.

  58. Amanda tanner

    Roast beef joint and potatoes

  59. Amanda Richardson

    Roast Silverside of Beef

  60. Judith Allen

    Mediterranean roast veg. Love roast aubergine.

  61. Gwyn Sharps

    I’d ccok the Christmas turkey

  62. Lisa Pond

    A gammon joint! 🙂

  63. Brenda Haines

    Roasted cabbage steaks to start. Thanks for the chance!

  64. ashleigh allan

    roast chicken!

  65. Steven Appleton

    I’m a big fan of roast vegetables

  66. Kasia

    Pheasants with root vegetables

  67. William Gould

    We get through a fair amount of roasting tins having a proper Sunday roast dinner every week!

  68. Christopher Williamson

    Perfect for a Christmas roast. Beef this year. Then every week – ideal for roast chicken with vegetables all around it

  69. Emily Clark

    Roasted aubergine and medittranean vegetables!

  70. debbie smith

    a lovely peice of beef with all the trimmings xx

  71. Andy Baggott

    Roast potatoes

  72. jayne hall

    roast potattoes

  73. Tracey Parker

    Roast Mediterranean vegetables

  74. Tania Atfield

    Rosemary roast potatoes

  75. Clare Duiker

    Roast chicken

  76. Tracy Gladman

    A roast chicken

  77. Chantelle Binge

    Roast tatties, family favourite on a sunday x

  78. rebecca nisbet

    i would use it for a nice scrummy roast!

  79. H is for Home, Adelle

    Slow roasted vegetables with honey & balsamic vinegar

  80. Tiff Jordan

    Toad in the hole

  81. joanna butler-savage

    beef roast dinner

  82. Angela Treadway

    Shepards pie or a fish pie x

  83. Sobia

    Tandoori chicken

  84. Laura Walker

    Lamb Shanks

  85. Iona Cornish

    Roast Beef and all the trimmings

  86. Tracey Peach

    Roast Chicken 🙂

  87. Sarah S

    Roast chicken and potatoes in the tin 🙂

  88. Kiley rose

    Roast vegetables ♡

  89. Heather Haigh

    Roast beef dinner

  90. Lynsey Buchanan

    Sunday Roast

  91. Alix Smith

    I would try Jamie Oliver’s recipe for coronation roast chicken – Nom!

  92. Helen Metcalfe

    Roast veg & chicken traybake

  93. Rachel

    Meat – as much as possible

  94. sharon mead

    perfect fro tray bake cakes

  95. Tam B

    Roast Pork with potatoes

  96. Lisa Buckley

    A lovely roast beef dinner!

  97. Louise Smith

    Roast Beef and yorkshire pudding with all the trimmings

  98. John Tingay

    A Sunday joint with roast parsnips and sweet potatoes.

  99. nicky b

    absolutely everything if given a chance!

  100. S Bufton

    A roast leg of lamb and roast potatoes

  101. Rebecca williams

    Roast potatoes

  102. Steve

    Pork done slowly at low temperature overnight.

  103. Tasha

    Roast beef

  104. Mary Heald

    Sunday joint

  105. Susan Crosswaite

    Roast vegetables

  106. Sarah Mackay

    Roasted veg on ciabbata

  107. Sarah Brokenshire

    Roasted peppers stuffed with cous cous and feta cheese

  108. Suzanne

    A full roast dinner

  109. Christine Dodd

    Roast root veg

  110. Stacey Carnell

    Beef wellington Mmmmmmmm 🙂

  111. Edward Guerreiro

    Some lovely slow cooked ribs.

  112. Hannonle

    I think I would do some roast potatoes and a chicken. Yum!

  113. Barbara Daniels

    Roast lamb

  114. Jo Jones

    A roast beef dinner I would cook

  115. Victoria N

    Roasted veg – peppers, onions, courgettes, tomatoes

  116. Amanda Hart

    I would roast a chicken

  117. Lorna J Kennedy

    Fantastic for the Sunday lunch, nice joint of beef or pork, with roasties all the way round 🙂

  118. dorothy merrett

    roast beef

  119. Lillian Fisher

    Roast chicken

  120. Lucy Weatherley

    Roasted stuffed peppers

  121. Rose

    Roast veggies : )

  122. Louise Hayward

    Roast lamb … nom nom nom

  123. Lorraine Tinsley

    A nice lamb joint with roast potatoes

  124. emma walters

    chicken traybake

  125. Helen Thurston

    Roasted Mediterranean vegetables with garlic and balsamic vinegar.

  126. fozia Akhtar

    Roast lamb

  127. pete c

    as side dishes I would use it to cook roast potatoes and parsnips

  128. Angela Fitzjohn

    The first meal I would cook is roast lamb, as it is a firm family favourite.

  129. Emma Ellams

    Roast lamb 🙂

  130. Jenifer Lack

    My height in roast potatoes! 🙂

  131. Frances Heaton

    Roast Pork, with delicious crackling

  132. Davina Mellon

    Some garlic and rosemary sauteed potatoes!

  133. Cheryl Pearson


  134. Jackie Stevens

    I would cook a roast chicken!

  135. Sally Collingwood

    Roast beef

  136. Laura Costello

    A nice joint of lamb

  137. Justine Meyer

    Roasted minted lamb x

  138. Hannah

    I love roast veg with many meals 🙂

  139. Danika Lloyd

    roasted and spiced mixed root veggies

  140. Laura Broadley

    Some lovely Slimming World roast potatoes 🙂

  141. Sarah Hodge

    I’d bake brownies 🙂

  142. Jake White

    Id do a really fancy roast dinner. With my own take on pigs in blankets, but chunks of butternut squash instead of bangers!!

  143. Emma Nixon

    Roasted chicken and veg tray bake

  144. Kayleigh Butler

    Roasted vegetables.

  145. Kim M

    Roast potatoes

  146. Helen Adams

    Slow roast pork with crackling x

  147. Rebecca Hobbs

    roast parsnips – addicted to them!

  148. Kim Harding

    Many things but especially my families favourite roast vegetable mix of strips of carrots & parsnip, shallots and baby potatoes all coated in olive oil.

  149. Victoria Thurgood

    roast chicken

  150. Paul T

    Roast chicken

  151. Lisa Parker

    Some lovely roasted vegetables

  152. Anne Bostwick

    Sunday roast with all the trimmings

  153. LIZZIE E

    Beautiful roast chicken with all the trimmings! 🙂

  154. Sarah Davison

    I’d start by cooking a lamb shank I think.

  155. darren hay

    honey glazed ham

  156. Penny H

    I would make a roast chicken with garlic and roasted vegetables.

  157. helen tovell

    a lovely roast chicken

  158. gillian burden

    Roast Spatchcocked Lemon Chicken

  159. james harland

    beef joint slowly cooked mmmmm

  160. Sue Harrison

    Everything from a roast to sausage rolls

  161. Sue Wickins

    a leg of lamb for New years day

  162. Phil Darling

    Roast duck with all the trimmings

  163. Joanne Greer

    Lovely roasted vegetables.

  164. Rebecca Smith

    Roast leg of lamb

  165. James Mullen

    I would cook roast potatoes in it.

  166. Jess Mary

    Roast chicken with veggies!

  167. Paula Smith

    Roast dinners

  168. Paula Nixon

    Always a roast chicken 🙂

  169. Karen Laing

    Roast vegetables would be lovely,my roasting tins would appear to have lost their non-stick and I end up with veg stuck at the bottom.It does nothing for my cooking !

  170. Kelly Roxanne smith

    a roast chicken 🙂

  171. Lynn Ward

    chicken dinner yum thanks

  172. Jenny Shaw

    Roast Potatoes

  173. Alica

    A lovely roast dinner with roasted veg!

  174. Lydia Frew

    Fill it with roast winter squash, onions, peppers, garlic, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a handful of cherry tomatoes.

  175. nina kennedy


  176. Tom Buchanan

    MEAT. any meat!

  177. Caroline Henaghan

    Kleftiko – for my Greek hubby!!

  178. Kim Styles

    My sunday roast -usually Lamb with garlic and rosemary!!

  179. Sandra Bald

    Roast vegetables

  180. Sam Goodwin

    Absolutely everything! I’d cook some lovely roasted vegetables 🙂

  181. aj

    Beef joint

  182. Monica Gilbert

    I’d like to roast some vegetables.

  183. Lynne Durkin

    Roast potatoes x

  184. Maxine G

    Roasted veggies with balsamic vinegar

  185. Hassni

    Roasted winter vegetables.

  186. Ray Becker

    Beef Wellington with the trimmings


    A lovely roast dinner for my family

  188. Louise Fairweather

    A lovely Sunday roast

  189. Rachael Lines

    Slow roasted Lamb

  190. Michaela Jennings

    Roast chicken



  192. Karen Knox

    Roast chicken Sunday lunch 🙂

  193. Anni Large

    Some lovely roast potatoes.

  194. Jayne Sullivan

    Roasted vegetables

  195. Jo Hutchinson

    Winter roasted vegetables.

  196. Louise A

    either a nice chicken roast or maybe a traybake

  197. Leanne Abel

    Roast Beef Joint

  198. Christine Constable

    Roast chicken, crispy roast potatoes & roasted vegetables with garlic & red pesto

  199. Holly Gibson

    Honey roasted carrots and parsnips

  200. jennifer thorpe

    a roast dinner

  201. Andrea Smith

    Roast Lamb

  202. lyn geddes

    Homemade nut roast from Cranks’ recipe

  203. claire woods

    quorn roast

  204. michelle o'neill

    roast pork x

  205. chris bull


  206. Graham Antony Wright

    Roast Beef

  207. Rachel Butterworth

    Lamb shanks

  208. Rich Tyler

    Roast Chicken

  209. Jade

    Roast Potatoes

  210. Steve Dickinson

    Duck confit

  211. Stevie

    Schnitzels I think.

  212. jane Evans

    A roast lamb Sunday lunch 🙂

  213. Liz

    Chocolate date cake

  214. Chris Andrews

    a roast beef dinner

  215. Kiran Parry

    Roast chicken

  216. Danielle Cresswell

    A one pan oven baked fry up x

  217. Emily Knight

    I’d cook chicken stuffed with taleggio!

  218. Justine

    I think i’d have to do my mid week favourite of lemon and herb Chicken with fluffy and crispy oven baked potatoes

  219. Corinne Peat

    Roast beef and all the trimmings!

  220. emma hunt

    Roast potatoes yummyyy 🙂

  221. Phyllis Ellett

    I won’t cook anything, because my husband does all the cooking, I am not even allowed to toast a piece of bread. He says he would roast a belly of pork that has been dry rubbed with Chinese spices.

  222. Julie

    I’d cook Roast herb-chicken dinner with roasted vegetables and potatoes! Yummy 🙂

  223. Michaela Smith

    Quorn Roast 🙂

  224. Allan Wilson

    The Sunday Roast

  225. charlotte wilde

    roast pork with crackling!!!!!

  226. lisa tebbutt

    chicken or lamb dinner

  227. Jenny

    Roast chicken

  228. Antonia Boulting

    Roast chicken and root veggies

  229. Hayley Lynch

    Roasted veg

  230. Michelle Ferguson

    A lovely roast beef dinner

  231. Laura Caraher

    Roast butternut squash

  232. Emma Jones

    Leg of lamb stuffed with sage butter and sprinkled with rosemary and olive oil.

  233. Lisa Mauchline

    Roast beef with veg and roast potatoes

  234. Tom D

    Roast chicken!

  235. Sophie Lester

    I would cook chicken and chorizo bake


    Lamb with roasties

  237. Jane H Shaw

    I would use it to roast lamb thanks

  238. Elizabeth Hinds

    A lovely roast dinner – my absolute fave 🙂

  239. Emma Walton

    I would do a roast and also some roasted vegetables. This is a great giveaway, thank you.


    A beef joint with roast potatoes

  241. Miss Tracy Hanson

    Roast Beef

  242. Charlotte Moore

    Traditional roast

  243. Jane Wilson

    Roasted vegetables

  244. linda rees

    Sundays Roast beef

  245. katrina adams

    Juicy roast chicken on a trivet of roasted vegetables.

  246. Hayley Mulgrove

    Oh i would roast everything, Mixed peppers. Garlic, Parsnips, Onions, Potato’s

  247. Colin Gault

    Roast beef

  248. Adeline

    Roast veggies. Roast carrots are my favourite!

  249. Ella L

    Roast beef and roast spuds

  250. Lisa Everaert

    Roast Lamb with vegetables for sunday roast x

  251. Claire Ward

    Roast chicken

  252. Terri Collins

    Yummy roasted veggies 🙂

  253. Stephanie Whitehouse

    Some roast mixed veg chips and smoked haddock

  254. Juli Savage

    Roast some gorgeous tasty vegetables

  255. Lindy

    A delicious roast chicken! 🙂

  256. Sarah Heath

    Roast Chicken

  257. Jackie ONeill

    Slow cooked lamb

  258. Kristina Bates

    Lemon Chicken

  259. Lyla

    Roast Beef

  260. lyn

    Lemon chicken with Garlic and Roast Veg

  261. Eliz M

    roast chicken

  262. don erwood

    Pork loin steaks over sweet potato and rosemary

  263. Solange

    Roast Lamb

  264. Ruth Wollerton

    Roasted vegetable bake with Parmesan

  265. Heather Wilson

    Roast beef

  266. maggie ali

    lots of delicious roasted veggies 🙂

  267. georgina prince (was Davies)

    a big honey roast ham yum! x

  268. Natalie Charman

    Roast duck. Yum!



  270. Jayne T

    I’d use them for cooking a roast dinner, thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  271. leanne perrett

    a nice big piece of gammon shank 🙂 yumm yumm


    A nice roast chicken x

  273. Michelle Carlin

    Quorn roast, with lots of roast veggies – yummy!

  274. Mickie Bull

    All in one tray chicken dinner!

  275. Grace Keegan

    Roast chicken.

  276. kate m jones

    It would have to be a beautiful beef wellington, they are perfect when cooked in tins like these 🙂

  277. Kristy Brown

    A juicy leg of lamb with rosemary and garlic


    roast chicken!

  279. Hazel Murphy

    bread and butter pudding

  280. Katie Harmer

    Roast beef, I’m salivating just thinking about it!

  281. Grant R

    Roasted Monkfish!

  282. Jaelin Farrow

    It’s got to be a roast 🙂

  283. Cheryl G

    Toad in the hole…yum!!

  284. James

    Sunday roast, of course!

  285. Jo Carroll

    Roast lamb and Yorkshire puds…my fave! x

  286. Sheila Reeves

    a Roast chicken with all the trimmings!

  287. Pam Smith

    Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables

  288. Catriona Hutchinson

    A lovely plump goose!

  289. Kallie Maile

    A roast dinner

  290. Angie Hoggett

    pork roast and all the trimmings

  291. Sheena Widdowfield

    Crunchy roast potatoes

  292. Sarah Benn

    Roast chicken with roast vegetables.

  293. Laura Asplin

    Roast beef dinner

  294. Nicola Glover

    Traditional Sunday Roast

  295. Angela Muir

    Roast pork

  296. Lisa

    Gammon joint

  297. Victoria R Morrison

    Slow cooked Moroccan Lamb

  298. Amber B

    The first roast dinner in my new house!

  299. kaye talvilahti

    roast chicken xx

  300. Andrea Stordy

    Roast Chicken with all the trimmings

  301. Angela

    roast chicken

  302. Karen Barrett

    Roast Lamb

  303. holly harmsworth

    lamb 🙂 yummy

  304. Layla Thomas

    Roast Potatoes

  305. kimberley ryan

    Roast lamb with rosemary and garlic

  306. Leanne Newsome

    Roast chicken

  307. Joanne Benham

    Roast Chicken with all the trimmings x

  308. carole n

    roast chicken

  309. Michelle Sykes

    Roast chicken and roast potatoes

  310. Sarah Walford

    Mediterranean Roast Vegetables

  311. Susan B

    I love mixed root vegetable bake with either melted mozzarella or crispy crumb topping – or both.

  312. Lynn Woodcock


  313. Linda Thorn

    nut loaf as it is a way of art
    with many toppings on it
    but the best for me
    its got to be
    adding pineapple on top of it

  314. Carole Paton

    Delicious roast beef

  315. Laura Nice

    Roast beef

  316. Louise Lumsden

    I do a huge tray bake of lamb chops on a bed of spiced roast root vegetables

  317. Jennifer Bradshaw

    Crispy baked sweet potato fries



  319. Laura Linsey

    Roast potatoes, my favourite!

  320. alison clark

    Toad in the hole.

  321. Melanie Gardiner

    A tasty leg of lamb

  322. Pam Lawrence

    I would cook a whole shoulder of lamb studded with fresh rosemary and garlic in one tin, and some Mediterranean roasted root veggies flavoured with oregano, chilli and olive oil in the other!


    Roast dinner

  324. Victoria Prince

    Ooh the first thing I would do would be to roast a selection of vegetables 🙂 Yum!

  325. Eileen Sumner

    Roast chicken

  326. Claire Elizabeth Noke

    Honey glazed vegetables

  327. Emma Farrell

    Definitely a roast

  328. Naomi M

    Roast leg of lamb, yum!

  329. Caroline Blaza

    Would have to be my family favourite………Roast chicken x

  330. Lucy Bishop

    I’d make my famous Lamb Kleftiko!

  331. shell

    A whole chicken

  332. Kathleen Bywaters

    Some sweet paparika roast chicken legs!

  333. kayleigh dudley

    jerk chicken

  334. ema j lowe

    a lovely homemade pizza

  335. Becky John

    Roast duck and roasted root vegetables

  336. Alison

    Honey mustard roast gammon

  337. Joanne

    Roasted green beans and Brussels sprouts

  338. Lisa Wilkinson

    Some roast potatoes for a Sunday roast.

  339. Suzanne Roberts

    Roast Mediterranean veg – yummy

  340. natalie wallace

    Roast chicken

  341. Sue Bowden

    Roast leg of Lamb with roasted veg, beetroot, parsnips and carrots and of course the roast potato all fluffy and crispy x

  342. Margaret Clarkson

    Roast Pork

  343. Alison Macdonald

    A nice rib of beef for a family Sunday lunch – Mmmmmmmm x

  344. Freya

    A mini roast dinner of pheasant, roasted new potatoes, carrots and sweet potato

  345. sarah mcvicar

    I’d cook a lovely roast dinner with all the trimmings xx

  346. Diane Carey

    A roast lamb joint with roast potatoes

  347. Mary Chez

    Roast chicken

  348. julie eley

    I would do a nice Beef roasting joint 🙂

  349. Caroline Scott

    sweet potato wedges

  350. Helen Thorsby

    Duck in plum sauce mmmm x

  351. Robyn Logan Clarke

    Roast butternut, red onions, cherry tomatoes and courgette

  352. Antonio S

    Roast lamb

  353. Gabrielle Powell

    Roast potatoes

  354. Jo Godfray

    A Super Roast

  355. Michelle

    A lovely roast 🙂

  356. Cheryl Price

    I have a lovely leg of lamb in my freezer that needs a nice roasting pan to go in 🙂

  357. Eliza Massey

    Roast duck! I would serve it oriental style with pancakes and hosin sauce!

  358. Sam McKean

    A lovely big leg of lamb with all the trimmings!

  359. Jane Middleton

    roast chicken

  360. z webb

    roast potatoes

  361. L Alexander

    Roasted vegetables cooked with harissa paste and olive oil, topped with goat’s cheese.

  362. Rebecca Townsend

    A lovely nut roast

  363. EJ Dunn

    A lamb roast!

  364. michelle pierce

    roast beef and roasted veg

  365. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog)

    A big roast dinner with lots of different roasted veg.

  366. michelle moore

    Roast lamb stuffed with garlic, rosemary and anchovy fillets and some fantastic home grown herby roast potatoes

  367. lynn neal

    roasted root veg

  368. Diana

    Roast lamb! Our favourite 🙂

  369. Vicky Varley

    A roast chicken with all the trimmings!

  370. Natasha R-M

    Vegetable lasagne – thank you.

  371. Ann Williams

    I would roast a leg of lamb, seasoned with fresh rosemary from the garden and resting on a bed of roasted root vegetables with garlic. The aroma of it cooking would be torture but the results succulent and tasty.

  372. Lauren Old

    Jacket potatoes

  373. Robert Price

    A leg of lamb

  374. Mary Baldwin

    Beef Wellington – yummy!

  375. Kate Knight

    roast chicken

  376. Barbara Jane Shaw

    Roast Potatoes

  377. Chrissie Curtis

    Lots of Roasted Veggies!

  378. Judi Watson-Jones

    Roast Welsh Lamb

  379. Jodie W

    a roast dinner with roasted veggies

  380. Barbara Handley

    I would make a traditional Sunday roast dinner.

  381. Jason Tolliss

    Roast lamb with Mediterranean roasted veg

  382. Samantha Atherton

    Firstly I’d make some cookies.

  383. Tamsin Dean

    a lovely roast chicken

  384. Sarah P

    Stuffed Peppers

  385. Debbie Preston

    Roasted veg

  386. Jo Glasspool

    Roast lamb.

  387. sarah fielding

    roast vegetables!

  388. Michelle Cheeseman

    Roast lamb with all the trimmings : )

  389. sherri mse Fordham

    a HUGE yorkshire pudding

  390. zoe g

    a sunday roast

  391. Caroline Cordery

    I’d make flapjack and roasted veg

  392. sharon martin

    a leg of lamb & roast potatoes

  393. Angela McDonald

    Silverside Beef Joint

  394. Sarah S

    The roasting tins look perfect for making roast potatoes, so that’s what I’d start with.

  395. Bridgette West

    As a vegetarian, getting perfect roast vegetables needs a decent tin!

  396. Katherine Coldicott

    I’d cook a slow roast beef brisket.

  397. Kirsten Barthy

    Roast vegetables

  398. Joanna Orr

    I’d cook pork strips in a BBQ sauce – I’m making that tonight!

  399. Georgina Jacobs

    Roast Chicken with roasted vegetables – home cooked goodness thanks

  400. tina edwards

    roast beef and roast potatoes

  401. Kirsty Woods

    Roast chicken with roast potatoes

  402. Suzie W

    Mediterranean roast vegetables

  403. claire little


  404. tracey ryder

    roast pork and roasties

  405. Julie Booth

    a roast beef joint

  406. Lorraine Bell

    Chicken and roast vegetables

  407. Vickie Jackson

    A roast chicken (with sausages wrapped in bacon)

  408. Jacqueline Chapman

    Rack of lamb

  409. Ellen Stafford

    Roast chicken

  410. Kat Allinson

    Roast chicken dinner

  411. Lexy Law

    A roast chicken

  412. Gemma Mills

    Pulled pork and tatties in goose fat

  413. Samantha Rummens

    roast chicken

  414. Ashley Phillips

    Honey and Mustard Gammon with Roast potatoes

  415. Rebecca Alderson

    Some slow cooked pork

  416. Katharine Phillips

    A mix of roasted veggies.

  417. Chris S

    If I won one of these roasting tins the first thing I would cook would be a slow roasted shoulder of lamb with garlic and rosemary with a red currant glaze.

  418. Susan Sargent

    Roast beef and roast potatoes

  419. jo liddement

    I would use the roasting tins to make a medley of honey roast vegetables

  420. Rebecca Powell

    A lovely roast chicken

  421. Nat Jones

    Roast potatoes

  422. Debbie Nichols

    Rather fancy roast duck

  423. Alison MacDonald

    Roast chicken with mediterranean veggies 🙂

  424. matthew colburn

    a nice leg of lamb 🙂

  425. Charlotte Cottam

    A delicious roast chicken 🙂

  426. Jade Hewlett

    Roast chicken

  427. christy spencer

    These would be fantastic for all sorts of meals but I would love to make my Sunday roast with roast potatoes and roast parsnips on them x

  428. elaine stokes

    Chinese spiced pulled pork

  429. Kristin Burdsall

    Lemon, Rosemary and garlic baked chicken

  430. melanie horbury

    sunday roast

  431. Sarah Parker

    a roast 🙂

  432. olivia Kirby

    A lovely juicy chicken!

  433. Sarah Parker

    a roast

  434. simon hardy

    would have to be a chicken!

  435. Susan Jackson

    A big Dish of Roasted vegetables

  436. Michelle Wild

    The ham and cheese puff pastry rolled tart looks fab, I’d start with that.

  437. Linda Streater

    I would cook a family size Toad in the Hole

  438. kelly mobbs

    Roast potatoes, my favourite!

  439. Lora

    an all in one dish of roast chicken thighs and mediterranean veg

  440. Deborah J

    Full Sunday Roast – any day of the week!

  441. Spencer Broadley

    I love Meditterranean Herb Roast Vegetables

  442. Rob Griffiths

    A nice leg of lamb

  443. Alison

    Roast chicken and roast root veg

  444. Serena La Pietra

    Parsnips with honey

  445. Andrea A

    Roast potatoes

  446. Dorothy K

    lemon and rosemary roast chicken- my husband’s favourite….

  447. Pauline Wilson

    Chicken with stuffing and roast potatoes

  448. Anita hargreaves

    Roast chicken x

  449. charlotte angel

    roast lamb

  450. Andy Bridges

    Haggis and Neeps

  451. Karen B

    Roasted veg

  452. Caroline Buckley

    A Sunday Roast

  453. Stephen Shepherd

    Roast beef with roast potatoes

  454. Laura Whittle

    Crispy roast potatoes

  455. Patricia Avery

    Roast pork with a medley of roasted veg and apple 🙂

  456. adrian price

    roast chicken

  457. jessica cook

    roasted mediteranean vegetables

  458. Lila B Taylor

    A big sunday roast with all the trimmings

  459. Laura Barratt

    I would make toad in the hole!

  460. ramsy

    roasted root and mediteranean veg

  461. Elisabeth Ries

    Stuffed mushrooms, with bacon leek and a pastry top.

  462. Sheri Darby

    Roast Chicken

  463. Ali Thorpe

    I’m tempted to try roasting a whole salmon but more likely it would be veggies.

  464. Anneka Hulse

    roast beef

  465. Kim W

    A lovely roast dinner with crispy roast potatoes

  466. ellie spider

    I’d do baked chilli enchiladas 🙂 smothered in sour cream,guacamole and salsa

  467. Champaklal Lad

    Indian spicy chicken

  468. Cerys John

    Roast Dinner 🙂

  469. Emma Ridgway

    Quorn Roast

  470. Emma Davies

    Roasted veg and lamb steaks with feta and mint

  471. Aimee Wright

    Roast potatoes 🙂

  472. donna l jones

    roast potatoes

  473. Karen Howden

    a nice piece of beef

  474. Margery L

    a rib of beef, or a lamb shoulder, or a pork belly roast with stuffing and roast potatoes in the juices

  475. Jayne K

    Roast chicken dinner

  476. Tina L-D

    honey roasted root veg

  477. yvonne clark

    a family size lasagne


    Toad in the hole would be my first choice mm not had it for ages

  479. Lyndsey Beckford

    Roast chicken

  480. Teresa Sheldon

    A good old roast lamb and roast potatoes and honey parsnips.

  481. kim

    Orange and chorizo roasted potatoes

  482. Karen Painter

    Chicken and Roasties

  483. Louise_tweets_

    Beef joint and roasties!

  484. Martina Alban

    nice leg of lamb with rosemary

  485. zoe somerfield

    A good old roast chicken

  486. Sarah Lewis

    A roast chicken with all the trimmings

  487. tracey nock

    Sunday roast xxx

  488. Wendy Guy

    I would cook a traditional roast dinner.

  489. Chris Fletcher

    They would probably get used for a Sunday roast!

  490. Michelle orchard

    Gorgeous duck fat roast potatoes and honey roasted parsnips

  491. Pat Stubbs

    A lovely courgette, onion and rice dish a la Jamie

  492. Jules Naybur

    Roast Lamb

  493. Victoria Dixon

    I would cook a yummy lasagne with some herby diced potatoes!

  494. Emilia nastaly-howard

    Roast chicken 🙂

  495. suzanne maher

    Got to be a Sunday dinner – either beef or chicken 🙂

  496. helen jones

    Roasted vegetables with garlic

  497. Natalie Baugh

    Minted Lamb Shanks yum

  498. HazelY

    Roast lemony chicken with garlic. Yum!

  499. Pauline Dring

    Roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings

  500. Christine Lockley

    I’d cook out favourite Roast Chicken dinner with all the trimmings

  501. Daphne Mueller

    Roasted veg, then I use them in speghetti sauce, lovely taste

  502. Christine Hobbs

    Sweet potato wedges drizzled in oil chilli flakes and garlic. We have them dipped in sour cream in front of a movie x

  503. Juris Lusis

    pork belly

  504. Jacqueline Roberts

    Rost rack of lamb

  505. Rachel Bonness

    I’d cook Sweet potato fries which are my new favourite thing!

  506. Hannah Igoe

    Roasted vegtables would be lovely

  507. Ella Swinbank

    Roast chicken

  508. Kathryn Casbolt

    A lovely roast dinner x

  509. Sarah Saunders

    Roast dinner xx

  510. Su Brett

    Lots of things but especially Roasted Veg

  511. fiona butler

    I would roast vegetables

  512. Rebecca Taylor

    Roast chicken with all the trimmings

  513. Jamie Edwards

    Roast gammon for sunday roast! Mmmmm

  514. Susan Carruthers

    I’d roast some pork chops, lovely roast veg and roast potatoes to go with them.

  515. matt allison

    Roast Potatoes, garlic, carrots and parsnips

  516. Rachel James

    My roast potatoes are always a soggy disaster, so hopefully this would help get some crispiness into my life!

  517. Lana George

    Roast beef, roast potatoes, maple coated parsnips

  518. Lola Balntas

    My Greek auntie’s stuffed peppers (red peppers stuffed with minced lamb, rice, pine nuts and tomato sauce) – super yum 🙂 x

  519. LORNA WIL


  520. Neha Parmar

    Paneer and Mediterranean vegetables with fresh herbs and garlic

  521. Sue Moore

    Roast Lamb and vegetables

  522. emma brooksbank


  523. Eva Appleby

    Cottage pie

  524. Fiona JK42

    Roast potatoes

  525. Audrey Odriscoll

    I’d love to cook a lovely roast lamb dinner with all the trimmings for my family with these great baking tins

  526. Audrey Odriscoll

    I’d love to cook a lovely roast lamb dinner for my family with these great baking tins

  527. Jo Meichtry

    Chicken and mediterranean vegetables

  528. Pauline Black

    Roast chicken ! Yum!

  529. Trevor Linvell

    Quorn fillets

  530. Rachel O'Leary

    Roast potatoes!

  531. Tracey baker

    A sunday roast – Beef x

  532. Erica Price

    Roast Chicken

  533. Rich Hill

    I’d cook lots of lovely roast veg.

  534. Suzanne Brown

    Roast chicken – a little boring, but my husbands favourite!

  535. lyn

    Roast pork

  536. Ioana Popescu

    Pork chops


    roast pork

  538. Claire Nelson

    Roast potatoes

  539. Elizabeth Gurney

    Roast potatoes !!

  540. Joanna Sawka

    roast vegetables

  541. Rachel B

    I’d make chicken cacciatore

  542. LEE HARDY

    A tasty Roast Chicken

  543. Matt Brasier

    Toad in the hole. Yum!

  544. Kelly L

    Roast Chicken!

  545. Em S

    Roast leg of pork

  546. Tracy

    I’d use it to make one tin salmon and veggies

  547. Caroline Signey

    Sweet Potato wedges

  548. Katie Hodges

    Roast veggies 🙂

  549. Kathryn Casbolt

    Sunday roast 🙂

  550. David Price

    Roast chicken

  551. Rachel Wise

    Roasted potatoes and veg

  552. MichelleD

    Roast potatoes with lamb!

  553. Lynsie Lynn

    I love these roasting tins – And I would cook A huge toad in the hole for the
    family! They love it!! Or roast beef and roast potatoes, I do love a good
    traditional roast! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  554. Jacqueline Knights

    My boys love a roast, I would do some nice veggie food or fish. (Last night cod with home made pesto and tomatoes, yum!)

  555. Georgina sudron

    My pork steaks as I love to have these once a week ooh I could do with a new roasting tin

  556. Judith H

    Roast Chicken with all the veg in together!

  557. Nicole S

    A lovely roast beef dinner

  558. Emma rawlinson

    A veggie casserole 🙂

  559. Natalie Crossan

    Roast chicken

  560. Sarah B

    I’d do a piece of roast belly pork.

  561. Susan naylor

    Roast beef and roast potatoes.

  562. Amy Jo McLellan

    Anything and everything but first, some chicken!

  563. denise s

    chicken and chorizo tray bake

  564. Herbert Appleby

    every thing from roast spuds to chicken to veges

  565. Natalie Gillham

    I would cook a one pot chicken roast 🙂

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