The Weekly Italian Market

Most large villages and towns in Italy hold a weekly market. At the market you can buy basically everything: from clothing, to fruit and vegetables, to small pets and pots and pans. It is mainly a social thing as these days there is no need to go to the market to buy things which are available in most supermarkets.

Going to the market means meeting your friends, having a coffee or two and coming back with a bag of clementines, a piece of fresh cheese and a bag of fresh sardines.  I always end up buying a jumper, socks and knickers.. yes knickers!

When I go to my home town’s market the ladies of the stalls are still the same ones of 2o years ago, selling clothes and for many the quality is still the same. For some it has dropped dramatically and there is lots of “Made in China” like everywhere else which is a different story all together.

When there is the market the whole town comes to life: there are people chit chatting and laughing whilst some kind of folk music is being played in the background, which creates the jolly atmosphere typical of market day.

fruit and vegetables in the market

fresh fruit and vegetables on a market stall

My mum always buys a Kilo of fresh sardines. At the market there are always one or two fishmongers at least. The fish is always fresh and sometimes you see the odd eel trying to escape from a stall and the fishmonger running to get it. I love the weekly market!

The layout of the market

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3 Responses to The Weekly Italian Market

  1. Mich Piece of Cake

    Hi Alida, I love these types of markets. I have them locally too. They are also flooded with Made in China goods! Its not easy to find good quality things at reasonable prices these days.

  2. Angie@Angie's Recipes

    I love to visit local markets too. The one we have at the neighbourhood is rather small, and I usually get fresh produce and plants from there.

  3. La cucina diMolly

    Anche nel mio paese, oltre al mercato giornaliero di generi alimentare, ogni venerdì si fa un mercato grande dove c’è di tutto, soltanto che è un pò lontano per arrivarci! Mi piace andarci, guardare le bancarelle, mi diverte molto! Un bacio!

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