Top notch coffee & win a 3 months coffee subscription – Closed

I have always believed in finding happiness in the little things that life can offer you and for me after my family the next big thing is certainly food.

I also get infinite pleasure from my daily espresso. After just one cup I can sing with joy. I feel alive again! Would you call this addiction? No I don’t have that many really. I can also be happy with one a day but it has to be good quality coffee.

I was also singing when I received coffee to review from “Blue Coffee Box”. A “Speciality Quality Coffee” with new flavours and coffees from coffee producing countries from around the world.

At Blue Coffee Box they select the absolute cream from many UK expert roasters who know how to extract the maximum flavour from every bean.

I thought the box, which is shaped conveniently to fit my letter box, was very elegant. I love their blue wrapping and packaging and I thought It would make a nice present for someone.

Blue Coffee Box subscription

Inside there were 3 x 135g coffees with tasting cards explaining the origin and the details of the farmer for every coffee.

Each packet carried the roasting date which was only a couple of days before I received it so it was super fresh. Blue Coffee Box offer subscription coffee boxes too.

You can choose between whole beans or ground coffee for cafetiere, dripper or espresso.

Blue Coffee Box

When I opened the packets there was a gorgeous smell of fresh coffee. Two coffees were single origin coffees with their own distinct flavour. For example the “San Ignacio” coffee from Peru had notes of apple, almonds and chocolate whereas the “Finca Las Nubes” from Argentina had notes of fig and toffee. The espresso version was a blend from 3 countries and had a flavour of butterschotch and cherry.

Espresso in the morning

Blue Coffee Box is kindly offering a 3-months subscription of their coffee for one My Little Italian Kitchen reader. Basically one box a month for 3 months containing 3 different types of coffees.

Enter the gleam form below for your chance to win it!

Terms and conditions:

  1. You can enter with the Gleam widget below via blog comment, twitter, instagram, and facebook.
  2. Please comment on this blogpost before proceeding with other entry options (this is mandatory).
  3. One winner will be randomly selected, announced in this blog post and contacted via their provided e-mail address. Please claim your prize within 4 days of being notified.
  4. Giveaway open to UK residents over the age of 18 only.
  5. This giveaway closes on December 18th 2017

Win a 3 months coffee subscription


If you fancy trying this coffee enter coupon ML518 on Blue Coffee Box website to get £5 off your first order. It can be applied to gift boxes or the longer subscriptions, too.  Just enter it on the checkout page.


I received a Blue Coffee Box for the purpose of a review, all opinions are my own

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105 Responses to Top notch coffee & win a 3 months coffee subscription – Closed

  1. iain maciver

    my favourite holiday ever , was being with all the family in scotland

  2. maria blythin

    aegina in greece x first holiday abroad and we loved it x

  3. Ashleigh Allan

    Disneyworld as a family

  4. Tracey Peach

    When me & my Brother were young with Mum & Dad in a caravan for a couple of weeks loved it

  5. Sharon Lou Johnson

    has to be to Spain with my children x

  6. Solange

    My first ever holiday abroad, which was to Canada.

  7. Angela Treadway

    cornwall x

  8. claire woods

    The Lake District.

  9. Carolynn Woodland

    An absolutely exhausting three week tour of China was so fascinating and gave us such an insight into the country, the people and the traditions.

  10. Deana

    oh Italian coffee. I’m keeping my fingers crossed I’m in for a chance of winning 🙂

  11. jo liddement

    My favourite holiday ever was when i stayed and explored The Lake District which was so beautiful.

  12. Clara B

    Disneyland Florida

  13. Adri Barr Crocetti

    My favorite vacation was to Italy, what a glorious country. By the way, I have heard only good things about this coffee!

  14. fiona waterworth

    my favorite holiday was the first time we took our 3 children for a caravan holiday in the lake district, it was the first family holiday we had been on.

  15. laura banks

    las vegas as i got married there

  16. Judith Allen

    Christmas at my gran’s a long time ago. We were snowed in for ages (it felt like ages) and I remember deer coming and eating the sprouts my grandad had grown.

  17. Sheena Batey

    Canadian Rockies

  18. melanie stirling

    When we went to Austria,it was wonderful.

  19. Graham Ross

    Going to Australia

  20. Katie Skeoch

    A road trip around Western Australia, from Perth to Esperance & Margaret River

  21. pete c

    mine was a beach holiday in Benidorm

  22. A.E. ADKINS

    Favourite place is Venice, favourite holiday was Southern India, Kerala was out of this world

  23. Faridah Brooker

    My honeymoon to Antigua.

  24. Mark R

    A 3 month overland trip through Africa

  25. Lorna Ledger

    Went to Paris for my first year Anniversary with my OH, magiacal! City of Lights/Love! Oh La la!

  26. Mary N

    A family holiday to Japan.

  27. Helen Humphries

    Actually a camping holiday years ago, I was allowed to take my friend, went in the sea everyday and days seem to last forever!

  28. Yasmin

    My mum took me and my brother to Cirali in Turkey as a treat for looking after her while she was ill. It was lovely to see her happy and healthy again, smiling and enjoying life like she used to. Also the location was beautiful, rural villages by the sea with only a few small b&bs.

  29. Kate - Gluten Free Alchemist

    Ooh.. that’s tricky…. I have had some wonderful trips…. Probably though a road trip across Cuba…. LOVE that place x

  30. Fiona King

    A trip to Sydney, Australia – I fell in love with the City. It has the best of everything


    Alaskan Cruise good weather good company

  32. Barbara Knight

    The Isles of Scilly, so beautiful.

  33. Keshia Esgate

    A week in Sardinia, it was so tranquil and beautiful

  34. Lisa Wilkinson

    We went to Canada this year to go to the Niagara Falls

  35. Bev B

    Many moons ago, visiting a friend in Vienna. Culture, coffee houses, strudel… 🙂

  36. Sarahann Tonner

    Definitely going to Disneyworld, Orlando. Was the holiday of a lifetime.

  37. Layla Thomas

    We went to Egypt 6 years ago and it was amazing. I’d love to go back some day.


    Has to be to Walt Disney World Florida with my family.

  39. amy bondoc

    christmas 2011 we spent it in goa was amazing

  40. amanda walsh

    Disneyland Paris on 2000 it was magial and nothing has beat it yet!

  41. Samantha

    First time my husband took me to Lincolnshire to meet his family. So quiet up there compared to southern England

  42. Kim Neville

    Going to Mauritius and visiting family there

  43. Jules Eley

    It was to Hayle in Cornwall, we had a house on the beach and the children adored it.

  44. Jenn Gillies

    My favourite holiday ever was the first Christmas I spent with my now husband. He took me and my two little ones skiing for Christmas. I don’t ski but seeing the joy on my kids faces, made me realize that he was a keeper.

  45. David Allen

    A 2 month campervan trip around New Zealand – FABULOUS FREEDOM!

  46. Leila Benhamida

    Our holiday in Santa Monica California

  47. p2ffu

    My favourite holiday was to Spain

  48. Mary H

    I had a fantastic 5 month holiday in Thailand when I was 20 which was lush.

  49. charlotte

    Iceland – in winter. Beautiful!

  50. Carole Nott

    a med cruise many years ago

  51. Laura Pritchard

    The week I spent in New Orleans, it was amazing!

  52. Hekna

    I had a great break to the Tuscan hills. Really beautiful and great food.

  53. Julie Booth

    My favourite holiday was our first holiday to Disney with the children aged 7 and 10. It was absolutely magical.

  54. Karen R

    My favourite was a holiday to Jamaica with my mum when I was about 7 – we spent the whole summer there and it was just amazing xx

  55. Christine Caple

    My favourite holiday ever was to Sydney, Australia

  56. EJ Dunn

    Sharm el-Sheikh. It was my first holiday with my husband.

  57. Lesley Carnochan

    Orlando weve been 3 times but took the baby in june love it

  58. Jill Fairbanks

    Our fabulous trip to Mexico

  59. Sarah Heath

    Jamaica, as that is where my husband and I got married

  60. donna l jones

    going to thailand

  61. laura stewart

    Florida and disneyland is magical x

  62. Sarah Austin

    Mauritius for our honeymoon was the best holiday ever!

  63. Deborah Hambleton

    Australia with my partner and his mum – we had such a fantastic month

  64. Jessica Barber

    A holiday to Madeira with my sister and parents for their 25th Wedding Anniversary – they showed us all the sights they went to on the Island when they visited for their honeymoon!

  65. Lizzy Cooper

    I haven’t been on many but probably my holiday on a boat in Norfolk. Literally could go on that holiday over & over forever!

  66. sheri Darby

    Rome – an unbelievably beautiful city.

  67. Rich Tyler

    St Lucia, Pure Paradise!

  68. Carol Sparrow

    Incredible week staying in Sorrento and touring the beautiful towns and villages on the Almalfi coast, the amazing Island of Capri and the moving hostorical Pompeii, Herculaneum and Vesuvius. A week was hardly long enough!

  69. john prendergast

    perranporth in cornwall when i was i kid

  70. Kim Lam

    My favourite holiday was a week at Sandals, The Bahamas

  71. Susan B

    Backpacking around Mexico and ending up spending months in a cabana in Acapulco.

  72. Deborah Clarke

    Mine has to be to The Seychelles when i was in my early teens . My best friend was from there so we saw all the non touristy parts of the islands.

  73. Susan Seymour

    Paphos Cyprus many years ago was my most favourable holiday so much history in old paphos and surrounding areas a treat to visit for those that like history and culture

  74. michelle thompson

    it was last year in majorca

  75. Lynn Neal

    Disneyland Paris with my lovely grandsons!

  76. Jo Hutchings

    My favourite holiday ever was mine and my husband’s honeymoon in New England.

  77. Fiona Martin

    My favourite has to be a trip around America including Washington and Niagra Falls!

  78. Lisa Brignall

    Keswick in the Lakes as we have family there.

  79. Tammy Neal

    Bournemouth xx

  80. caroline tokes

    When I went to Canada when i was little and met a real life indian in full head gear

  81. francis lee

    my fave holiday was to Seattle with my dad a few years ago

  82. Meryl Thomas

    Going to Kenya about 30 years ago

  83. Diana

    Few days in Switzerland, had such a good time and it’s such a pretty country 🙂

  84. Alice March

    My favourite holidaywas Interrailing in Europe!

  85. Stevey H

    It was touring California and Nevada with two friends when I was about 25!

  86. Chris Hobbs

    A family holiday to Cape Town was my favourite. It was last holiday all together and we had such fun in such a wonderful country. Ps the coffee and wine was so nice xx

  87. Melanie

    My favourite holiday has to be the one I had this year with my new husband on our honeymoon to Crete.

  88. Jo Hutchinson

    A trip to Disneyworld with family

  89. Dawn Samples

    It was my first holiday abroad at age 12, we went to former Yugoslavia and it was the best holiday ever, the music, food and locals were all fantastic x

  90. Miss Tracy Hanson

    It’s a longish answer so sorry to be boring.

    I had been going to a pony trekking centre for a few years on holiday and had fallen madly in love with one of the horses. We often joked that if I could get the money together I would love to have Sunny. In the time between one year and the next I got the chance to help out at our local riding stables every Friday and when they had events on, Didn’t get paid but was treated amazingly and often rode my favourite horse as a result during my normal lessons. So after a few months of this, my parents decided that I could start looking for my own. As they knew the holiday stables often loaned their horses out for the winter, and was ready to book my holiday again, they rang to book and asked if I could take one of the horses home for the winter. They said definitely BUT Sunny had gone out on summer loan. I was a bit childish and said “I wasn’t going, and was going to start the hunt for my own instead”. Mum and Dad persauded me to go. When we got there, the owners of the stables told me to go to the yard and see if there were any of the new horses I quite fancied trying out. Sunny’s head came over the door as soon as he heard my footsteps. Needless to say, when it came to take him home for winter, my parents decided to tell me (1 hour before) that they had bought Sunny and he wasn’t coming home for winter, he was coming home for good! 🙂 Was absolutely amazing. They eventually told me that the main instructor at the stables at home, had already spoken to them and sad that I was ready for my own horse which wouldn’t have done any harm either.

    • Alida

      Lovely story, thank you for sharing 🙂

  91. Adrian Bold

    My favourite holiday ever was a trip to Las Vegas then to Monument Valley in Arizona. From man made extravagance to nature at it’s finest.

  92. tishist

    We went to Japan for my bloke’s birthday which was a lifelong wish


    A holiday in a villa with its own pool in Bulgaria with my son, his partner and 3 grandchildren

  94. Fiona jk42

    30 years ago, my husband & I went on a sailing holiday in the Caribbean with 2 friends, one of whom had a captain’s license which meant we rented “bareboat” and sailed the boat ourselves. It was fabulous and we visited lots of different islands, some inhabited, some deserted with no-one there but us.

  95. Lisa Mauchline

    My favourite was in Fort William when my husband proposed to me

  96. David Woollin

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm coffee

    Vegas and LA on honeymoon

  97. Martin Mayer

    It’s got to be my honeymoon in Tenerife, mount Tide at night star watching with champers, laxy days on the beach and submarine tours. Loved it.

  98. Mary Davis

    My honeymoon to Austria for 10 days – I’d always dreamed of going there!!

  99. Natalie Crossan

    A trip to disneyworld with the family 😀 xx


    I think this year’s was one of our Life time highlights – We flew to Seattle and went up the Space Needle drove to Portland, visited a Wolf Sanctuary , walked up waterfalls, saw whales in the bay swimming, visited a volcano – Mount St Helens – and then topped it off with a Total Eclipse of the Sun … hard to beat im sure and i arranged it all myself – so pleased no hiccups!

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