Venetian architecture in Rovinj, Croatia

Have you ever thought of finding Italy well.. outside of Italy?

Follow the Adriatic coast, pass the city of Trieste, keep going and you arrive at the largest peninsula on the Adriatic coast: Istria which now belongs to Croatia but between World War I and World War II it used to be Italian.

Istria - image wikipidia

The countryside has a wild and picturesque look, with green rolling hills and it feels as if time hasn’t passed there. Most little villages are so vintage looking and this is a real attraction for visitors who feel nostalgic about past times.

Croatia green valley

Old house with plants

houses on the sea Rovinj

Most of the road signs are bilingual in Croatian and Italian languages, also shops have signs in Italian too. Even if a minority speaks Italian these days, Italian is considered a second language. As I don’t understand Croatian I was pleased I could use my Italian when I visited recently. Hubby and I had a romantic break a deux to chill out.

The history of Istria is a history with Roman and Venetian roots. Julius Caesar founded the colonies of Pola and Pore that’s why you will find Roman ruins in different parts of Croatia.

Old town of Rovinj Croatia

We visited the city of Rovinj which is a car-free old town very Venetian looking with pastel coloured houses built around a pretty fishing harbour. I love the narrow lanes with the houses so close to each other with the washing hanging up, just like you would see in Naples!

Croatia RovinjClothes hanging in Rovinj

ancient houses in Rovinj

Rovinj in Croatia

The sea in Croatia resembles the Mediterranean sea in Southern Italy with pebbles and stones which makes the sea beautiful and clear. If you swim here you can see a variety of fish. The other side of the Adriatic in Italy is sandy instead. This is due to different currents.

Croatia blue sea

Swimmers in Croatia

Hubby and I only spent a weekend here, it was good especially if you like fish in fact they specialize in seafood. If you happen to be here I recommend you try pasta with black ink squid and pasta with truffel. Even the food is really Italian! I loved this place.

Lovers chilling out by the sea

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8 Responses to Venetian architecture in Rovinj, Croatia

  1. Luisa

    Thanks for the wonderful article. I know the area well since my parents were from Istria, Izola to be exact. I also dabble with tastes from home and offer cooking classes from my recent home in Athens, Greece. Love your site.

    • Alida

      Thank you Luisa. How interesting you are doing cookery classes. Enjoy and best of luck x

  2. Julie is Hostess At Heart

    I’ve been to Croatia (Dubrovnik), and loved it! Your pictures are wonderful and I enjoyed taking a tour through them.

    • Alida

      Thank you Julie.

  3. Dottie Sauchelli Balin

    Dear Alida,
    How awesome is this post? I never would have known this info… Rovinj, Croatia is a very magical place. I love the villages that have not moved in time. The scenery is glorious and the people must be so friendly there. I have never been there, but I would think that this is as close you can get to Shangri-La. The sea is extraordinary and who knew that this place was like an extension of the Italian coast. Thanks for sharing your romantic get away with us…Love this post great job! Have a wonderful day/night dear friend..
    Hugs x Dottie 🙂

    • Alida

      Croatia has been very popular for a number of years now with many Italians going on holiday there too. And yes, it almost feels like an extension of Italy! Ciao Dottie.

  4. Jerry

    Hi, Thanks all for the info on Rovinj. My wife and I lived in Venice in the early 70’s. We love Italy, especially Venice; well use to be Venice. Rovini sounds like a Venice without the canals, and with great food. We are visiting Croatia in Sept. 2020 and want to stay in smaller quiet places like Rovinj. What about Korcula and Hvar Town? They seem kind of like Venice with a lot of small streets to walk and explore. Recently off a great trip to Portugal (2019) where places like Evora were so cool with neat little streets to wonder around and explore–and eat great food too. Any suggestion would be great about small Croatian towns with Venetian influences. Ciao, Jerry

    • Alida

      Hi Jerry,
      You will love Rovinj and the sea is very nice there too. Unfortunately I haven’t been (yet) to Korcula and Hvar Town so can’t advise you. I can’t wait to be able to travel again. All the best and keep safe. Alida

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