Waiting for the Olympic torch at Tunbridge Wells!

Today It was an exciting day for Tunbridge Wells in Kent. The Olympic torch arrived into town.
Everyone was waiting for it and the children were waiving flags with big smiles on their faces.
Here are a few mementos of the morning.
Waiting for the torch to arrive
waiting for the torch
torch Olympics
Let it go! The torch is mine!!
let the torch go
I have got it!!
Grand finale: the torch is lit!
torch lit

What a morning! The Olympics are due to start in London on July the 28th. Not long to wait!

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12 Responses to Waiting for the Olympic torch at Tunbridge Wells!

  1. Jon

    What an exciting day! I enjoyed the photos and I'm looking forward to the Olympics in London.

  2. Pegasuslegend

    Looks like a grand ole time! wish I were there 🙂 enjoy!

  3. Javelin Warrior

    Thanks for sharing these photos, Alida! I bet it was awesome getting to see the torch in person. I can't wait until the Olympics start – although sadly I'll be watching from across the ocean on my TV 🙁

  4. Recetario Spanglish para mis hijos

    What a great event! Alida, please, post many pictures of the new buildings for me, ahhhh, I´d like to be there! I´d like to know your impression about Piano´s building, the Shard, do you like it?

  5. simple baking

    What a fun time you guys must've had! The "let it go" click is SO cute. Thanx for sharing theses photos Alida. Have a great day!xoxoAnuja

  6. Suzanne Bean

    Wonderful photos to show the excitement of this upcoming event. I live close to Vancouver when the 2010 Olympics were being held in the city. My Mom was in the hospital at the time and while she was there a few people came in with a couple of the Olympic torches, just so some patients could hold it. I never really thought to much about this event, but holding the torch was such an amazing experience. The people in your photos really look excited!!!! Very cool!!! :)Wishing you a wonderful time during the Olympics!!!

  7. Gloria

    Love these photos!!

  8. Una Semplice Passione

    It must be really exciting to see something like this. Through your pictures I feel I was there a bit.

  9. Alexandra

    It's strange seeing the pictures of Tunbridge Wells, I used to live there in my teens.

  10. Carmen Anderson

    Thank you so much for sharing the photos!!!! I love them! I grew up in the UK, so this Olympic means a lot to me.I wish I could be there and be part of the excitement! Have fun watching the Olympic! 😀

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