What a simple yet happy life!

How do you feel during these times of recession? Times when people don’t have much money in their pockets and they can’t afford  as much as they were used to.

They say that people go back to what is really important and essential in life in times of crisis. They make the most of what they have by stepping back to essential solutions and to more authentic gestures..

There is a feeling of wanting to be on top of some fundamental choices like for instance the choice of what to eat. We all seem fed up with being led by big food companies and we want to be able to choose for ourselves. Naturally we are all drawn to what is “natural” the opposite to processed food and possibly local, we feel the need to look after ourselves returning to essential solutions.

The easier and cheaper way to bring instant joy into your life is to meet up with friends and have a genuine laugh possibly surrounded by good food and a generous glass of wine.  And that won’t cost that much!

happy friends

The pleasure of meeting friends and sharing food together brings instant joy

So in times of crisis the new motto is: less money, more smiles and a return to one of the most beautiful feelings in the world: friendship.

And of course good food and good wine too!  At the moment one of my favourite dishes is slow cooked baccala’ (salted cod) with chargrilled polenta which is a typical Northern Italian dish I grew up with. To die for!

baccala' with polenta

Baccala’ with polenta; times of recession also mean more time spent at home to cook good healthy meals

And great for sharing is the classic “salumi misti”: a plate of different types of cured meat and the feast can start!

Cured meat

I salumi: a plate of cured meat to be shared with friends


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7 Responses to What a simple yet happy life!

  1. My Italian Smörgåsbord

    recession: hate hate hate this word 🙂
    you are right, but good food is expensive… after a few weeks of being ill and not able to really eat I realize that good quality but simple and little is the answer also for the pocket. just to eat less of something good without compromising with quality and saving on the amount of ingredients too. few ingredients, small portions, high quality. this is my answer. let’s see if I will be able to stick to it now that my appetite is back 😉 and polenta is also on my favorites list…

    • Alida

      Oh I hope you feel better soon. This winter has been a nightmare with illnesses! I hope we start getting some nicer weather soon!

  2. gloria

    Absolutely love this post!!

    • Alida

      Thank you Gloria 🙂

  3. La cucina di Molly

    Concordo con te,in questo periodo di crisi dove bisogna far quadrare i conti, la gente compra giusto il necessario. Quindi si ritorna al consumo di cibi genuini e semplici magari da condividere tra parenti e gli amici! Che bontà questi piatti, sono molto invitanti! Buon fine settimana, ciao!

  4. Mich Piece of Cake

    Agree that simplicity is happiness.. spent with family and friends.

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