What being Italian means..

So what does it mean being Italian exactly?? Well this describes it very well:

1. looking forward to mamma’s minestrone

2. thinking ALWAYS of your stomach

3. family always comes first

Italians eating together

4. making sure your family has 3 cooked meals a day

5. pasta is sacred: I can always find the time to eat properly

Italian pasta amatriciana

6. I am not fighting I am just talking

7. Dressing up to go out for coffee

8. I cannot wake up without espresso

Italian espresso

9. Children come with me everywhere

10. I love Prada and Gucci

11. Only foreigners queue

12. Driving can be dangerous

13. I am passionate and you only live ONCE so let’s eat, drink and laugh!!

I am Italian and I cannot keep calm


Italians spend lots of time eating and drinking at the table with family and friends. Plenty of food and drink and a good laugh is very uplifting: one of the best ways to improve your mood.


Italian family enjoying dinner al fresco

photo by Stephen P. Lewis

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5 Responses to What being Italian means..

  1. My Italian Smörgåsbord

    complimenti per il nuovo sito! what a beautiful website! it looks soooo professional, you must have some amazing technical skills, girl!
    I am an atypical Italian in many regards, but I agree about the 3 cooked meals a day thing, family first and kids are holy 🙂 e la mamma poi… io invece del minestrone mi sogno i suoi fiori di zucchina fritti…
    buona settimana cara

    • Alida

      Grazie cara ma non l’ho fatto io. Ci capisco veramente poco di computers!
      I fiori di zucchina sono una vera delizia e magari con un bel bicchiere di prosecchino.. 🙂

  2. mimi

    love this! I’m 1/2 Italian, and this explains me! Now I understand me better!!! thanks

  3. Antonella Savino

    I love this site. I´m Italian but i grow up in Germany and still I´m living there, but we spent every vacation in my nativ city . It´s a little village in Campania. Your site have reduce my homesickness, I know most of your what means be Italian…..thanks for this site. Grazie Alida !

    • Alida

      And you are very welcome Antonella! Thank you for your lovely comment!

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