Win a modern ratchet grinder – closed

It’s competition time!

I have a very useful kitchen gadget to give away; this is kindly offered by “Kuhn Rikon UK”: the Epicurean Ratchet Grinder worth £39.95.

This is a sturdy and efficient grinder with a sleek and modern look with the same high performance ratchet operating mechanism and high-performance ceramic grinding stone.

To operate it you simply fill it up and the glass centre lets you see what’s inside. To grind, just pull the ratchet handle back and forth – this is easy on the wrists. I like the fact that you can create your own dried spice blends!

•High performance ceramic grinding stone
•Adjustable for course or fine grinding
•Comfortable ratchet handle
•Just unscrew the top and fill it up
•You can use it in the kitchen or at the table


Ratchet grinder Ratchet grinder

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  2. Please comment on this blogpost before proceeding with other entry options (this is mandatory).
  3. One winner will be randomly selected, announced in this blog post and contacted via their provided e-mail address. Please claim your prize within 4 days of being notified.
  4. Giveaway open to UK residents over the age of 18 only.
  5. This giveaway closes on July 6th 2017


Win a Ratchet Grinder



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191 Responses to Win a modern ratchet grinder – closed

  1. Annaloa Hilmarsdottir

    Steak au Poivre and Tiramisu

  2. Jane Lewis

    Alghero Sardinia last year! We revisited one of my favourite holiday destinations as a child and it was fantastic!

  3. Simon C

    Best holiday ever was a trip to Lake Garda. Just so incredibly relaxing. And on the final night we sat on the edge of the water and looked out over the most beautiful sunset ever.

  4. Tracy Nixon

    I have always enjoyed holidays on the Isle of Arran – we always stayed in a little cottage by the beach!

  5. Harline Parkin

    When I went in a log cabin to Scotland Aviemore was lovely

  6. Julie T

    I went to Jersey when I was fifteen and it was fabulous. I would love to go back there… Maybe one day. Ahhh

  7. Leila Benhamida

    My best holiday ever was in California.

  8. Amy Fidler

    Mine was to Portugal,as fell in love with their food x

  9. Joanne Beale

    Touring round Green Spain staying in Paradors

  10. laura stewart

    we went to florida it was brilliant

  11. Annabel Greaves

    I loved my honeymoon holiday in Paris

  12. iain maciver

    fantastic giveaway

  13. Tony Metcalf

    A holiday in Barbados, in 1996. Had a fabulous time.

  14. Sheena Batey

    Venice was my best holiday ever. The sun shone and all was magical.

  15. Alice Dixon

    Prague with my now husband, we went when we were only 18, my first holiday without my parents, we went back for our honeymoon a few years later

  16. Tracy Gladman

    I went on a cruise for the first time this year and it was fantastic.

  17. Kayleigh Watkins

    Our first family holiday with our children to Devon, we have been a few times now as we love the quaint towns, beaches and beautiful views xx

  18. ann clements

    New york has to be my favourite holiday

  19. Amy Bee

    Thailand – such a beautiful place with beautiful people

  20. Sarah Mackay

    A holiday to Legoland with 30 members of my family.

  21. maria hackett

    We loved our Thailand holiday 🙂

  22. Solange

    Our first holiday abroad. We went to Vancouver, Canada.

  23. stuart hargreaves


  24. Catherine Stewart

    Rome! Would love to go back and eat some more delicious food!

  25. Cath R

    Athens on our honeymoon.

  26. Louise Crocker

    Dublin, Ireland. It’s a great place with great people and beautiful countryside.

  27. Graham Ross

    My best holiday was Orkney just off Scotland , so peaceful and quiet with beautiful views as well

  28. Iris Tilley

    Going away to Milan for my 40th gorgeous food Beautiful views loved the clothes

  29. Alison Johnson

    Jamaica with my Hubby. We visited his family & I saw much more of the island than a normal tourist even though we stayed at a resort.

  30. MM

    West Wales. Went there as a kid, and take our kids there now.

  31. komal qasim

    Lake District, Did some hikes, Old man of conniston, Scaffel pike, red was the best trip

  32. Steven S

    Honeymoon to the Maldives, spectacular !. So want to take the kids there one day.

  33. simone lee

    my best holidat was in HAWAII so very pretty

  34. Joanne Benham

    best holiday was our pre wedding honeymoon to the Maldives!, total relaxation!! Would love to go back one day with our kids – they think it looks amazing!

  35. Susan Smith

    We went on a Nile Cruise in Egypt, wanted to go there since i was a child, so to me it was a dream come true

  36. laura banks

    has to be las vegas i also got married to

  37. Marc H

    Skiing in Alberta,Canada on a school trip. Loved it.

  38. Becky John

    Cefalu in Sicily

  39. Vicki D

    My best holiday was Mozambique…..well I was working there for a few months but it felt like a holiday

  40. Angela Boucher

    My trip to new York was my best holiday ever.

  41. Helen Tovell

    My wedding and honeymoon in Barbados

  42. lyn burgess

    My first visit to Venice – simply breathtaking

  43. Sidrah Ahmed

    A holiday to dubai

  44. Lauren Charlotte

    Florida a few years ago

  45. Katie Skeoch

    My travels around Western Australia

  46. Holly Gibson

    The Caribbean with my family. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the rum or the white, sandy beaches!

  47. Michaela Campbell

    Cyprus for my friends wedding

  48. Angie McDonald

    I went on an amazing holiday and safari to Kenya with my parents when I was 15! It was eye-opening and amazing and i’ll always remember it

  49. Heather Brannan

    Best holiday ever was a year of my life spent in Australia! It was the time of my life and definitely a year to remember!

  50. Alica

    I do love our UK adventures! We always have so much fun!

  51. Rebecca Nisbet

    when i went to Budapest with the other half for a long weekend, such a beautiful place.


    The Lake District. It’s so beautiful and I wished we lived there.

  53. Hazel Christopher

    Going to Dublin with one of my best friends when we were 18, it was the first time we’d been away together without our parents and we had an amazing time.

  54. Helen Adams

    Cyprus, as I got married there!

  55. Ashley Phillips

    My first time abroad when my nan took me to Paris at 16

  56. Ruth Harwood

    Best holiday ever was marrakech, wandering the market and seeing the different culture x

  57. Jo Carroll

    I’d say my most memorable holiday was the one I took with my Nan & Grandad when I was only seven down to the seaside when we stayed in a caravan…simple times but the best. x

  58. Rosalie Miller

    Australia was amazing, would love to go back there for longer this time!

  59. Judith Allen

    Camping in Cornwall with my daughter to see the eclipse. Those blue seas and skies, gorgeous.

  60. charlotte

    i love adventures in cornwall, the random walks especially when you end up getting lost and finding some hidden treasures

  61. Lisa Parker

    Barcelona, had a great time x

  62. Maria Blythin

    always loved every holiday in greece x

  63. Andrea Smith

    I went to Tunisia for my honeymoon, that was fantastic. Loved it there, perhaps because we went all inclusive and felt spoilt rotten the whole time.

  64. Jane Willis

    I think the one I’ve just come home from, to Tavira in the eastern Algarve, ranks as one of the best ever.

  65. Mary H

    My best holiday ever was a 6 week trip to Thailand that lasted 6 months. Oh to be 20 again.

  66. Lisa Wilkinson

    When we went to Disney World

  67. Rachael Mccadden

    my fav holiday is kenmore its beautiful and i got engaged up there

  68. Rai

    The last one I had – Crete, 16 years ago. Thanks

  69. jo liddement

    My favourite holiday was to the Scilly Isles…such beautiful islands and the seas are so clear and blue.

  70. Richard R

    Northumbria with the family, spectacular scenery and very little traffic

  71. Lydia Graham

    When we went to Sweden in 2012, we decided on the basis on the one trip that we want to live there one day

  72. Haigh Heather

    A holiday in Devon when the children were small – not the most glamorous destination but they had such a good time.

  73. Kim Neville

    Going to Mauritius and spending time with our family there

  74. Iris W

    I grew up in the Swiss mountains and we did not go away on holiday a lot but one time we went to Austria and it felt like the best holiday ever I remember fondly. More recently my favourite was in Sicily a few years ago we loved it there

  75. Kim M

    A surprize trip to Rome x

  76. Sandra Fortune

    My Ruby Wedding Anniversary spent in Robin Hoods Bay I love this beautiful little bay near Whitby I have lots of happy childhood memories there . It’s quaint and unspoiled . My late Great Aunt & Uncle had the ‘old bakehouse’ there

  77. Jenny Harlow

    Going to Lanzarote we love hanging out in a villa and getting to know the locals

  78. Karen Barrett

    As a child, Filey, as an adult, Australia

  79. Rich Tyler

    St Lucia, beautiful!

  80. ashleigh allan

    Going to lapland

  81. Jacqui Allen

    Paris, France for our anniversary. We spent the weekend seeing the sights and eating far too much! I even introduced the other half to crepes.

  82. Maxine G

    My first holiday without my parents – 6 of us went to Rome, it was truly wonderful and a real adventure!

  83. janine atkin

    visiting family in germany


    The holiday we had in North Devon when I was a child

  85. Gemma Cook

    Disney World Florida

  86. Lauren Price


  87. Helen best

    My favourite Holiday was Greece. So calm and tranquil and there food is gorgeous

  88. Kimberley Ryan

    taking my children to Disney Paris, where they met Mickey Mouse. Their faces were amazing

  89. jackie grout

    Isle of White with my Nan Winney we went every year from the ages of 6 till 11 and for the first time ever I am taking my Granddaughters this year.x

  90. Pam Francis Gregory

    I loved Lake Garda


    2 weeks in a private villa in the hills of Crete

  92. Kim Lam

    The best holiday I had was a week at Sandals in the Bahamas

  93. Helen Humphries

    A holiday to Greece with a friend,my first abroad and a long time ago. We visited islands and explored the Parthenon in Athens, catching boats and buses by ourselves, it felt very grown up and I still remember it.

  94. Michelle Sykes

    I loved my holiday to Tobago I would love to go back

  95. EJ Dunn

    Sharm el-Sheik 2015

  96. Kim Styles

    My favourite holiday was in southern Crete- unspoilt area with little tourism

  97. Sandra Bald

    My recent walking holiday in Italy

  98. pete c

    a 4 week backpacking holiday around Australia

  99. Mike Gerrie

    Last year in Orlando with our daughter, seeing her face the first time she saw Cinderella’s castle is something I will never forget

  100. Catherine Joyce

    Our trip to Canada and driving through the Rocky Mountains

  101. Melanie Pennie

    Best ever holiday was to the Lake District. Even though it rained a lot we still had a fabulous time!

  102. Keith Hunt

    The first time we sailed to New York on The QE2.

  103. adrian price

    HAD a great time trekking in nepal==and will return one day

  104. Peter Watson

    April/May in Crete is always my best time.

  105. Sian Buckingham

    Tenby with my family when I was little =)

  106. lorraine polley

    safari in south africa

  107. Ursula Hunt

    Our last holiday as a full family before the children got too old to want to come with us. It was to the Dominican Republic

  108. Tracey Belcher

    6 weeks sailing round the med

  109. Victoria Prince

    When we went to the Peak District when I was about 10! We stayed on a smallholding in a static caravan and I had the most amazing time helping to feed the animals, milk the cows and collecting the eggs from the chickens

  110. Christine Wallace-Lee

    5 nights in Rome 🙂

  111. Rebecca Brown

    I’ve never really been on holiday – maybe this year will be my year for a best holiday ever!


    A Butlins holiday when my sons were little, the smile on their faces was a picture


    My favourite holiday has to be to Rome in Italy

  114. Lyla

    A camping trip to Spain soon after I left school

  115. Sheri Darby

    A family holiday to Boscombe near Bournemouth

  116. Sadiyya Maryam

    Our first trip to Malaysia on our honeymoon. Amazing country, lovely food and kind locals. Always such a blessing to go back. Really want to take our daughter there with us to experience this amazing country and all it has to offer.

  117. Rebecca roberts

    Whitby we just love there we have good memories and go to our holiday home quite abit

  118. Theresa Alison

    Mine was in a place called Gesundbrunnen in Berlin , absolutely loved it wide roads not lots of traffic like we have over here , people were wonderful I just loved the whole different style of life to we have over here

  119. Alison

    Menorca as it had such beautiful scenery and was really warm

  120. Jeanette Leighton

    Durdle door in Dorset

  121. Anthea Holloway

    Visiting the Falkland Islands

  122. carol boffey

    cornwall with my man

  123. Aaron Broad

    Best trip have been on so far was probably week away to Ibiza

  124. Joanna Ford

    A trip to Vilnius in Lithuania! A beautiful weekend break away!

  125. Samantha R

    Mine was our holiday to Vegas and New York this year 🙂

  126. Samantha Atherton

    St Lucia 10 years ago to get married. It’s the only long haul holiday I’ve been on and it felt like another world.

  127. PhilA

    Best holiday ever….that would be my honeymoon

  128. Stewart Biddle

    Best holiday so far was to the Dominican republic in 2010 to see my friends get married

  129. donna l jones

    thailand was great

  130. Victoria B

    Favourite ever holiday was Florence, Italy. Just stunning.


    We drive round Nevada and California and went to the grand Canyon and Yosemite National parks it was the most spectacular and amazing time ever

  132. Jayne K

    Camping in Italy as a teenager

  133. Ann Skamarauskas

    road trip down the Wild Atlantic Way i n February with my daughter

  134. Allan Wilson

    Probably San Francisco for a friends wedding.

  135. Julie Whittaker

    Isles of Scilly every time, never get bored of going back there!!

  136. Chris Hunt

    Riding the North Coast 500 route in Scotland last year.

  137. Faye Reed

    Mexico with a friend a few years ago.

  138. Laura Whittle

    First trip abroad as a family to Austria x

  139. Susan B

    Best holiday ever was a two-week trip to Mexico with a friend that we loved so much we ended up staying two months by which time we were totally penniless.

  140. lynsey poole

    Paris over Halloween 2008, amazing experience.

  141. Mark Johnson

    Skiing in baqueria with great tapas every evening

  142. Maria Jane Knight

    The best holiday we’ve ever had was our first family holiday in Venice. It totally blew us away!!! x

  143. Cirilo Camara

    Japan, Tokyo during Cherry blossom.

  144. Petra Hora

    2005 trip to Australia

  145. Deborah Hambleton

    We took my mother in law to Australia last year after she beat cancer. She spent her 73rd birthday on top of Sydney Harbour Bridge having completed the climb!

  146. Krzysia

    I always remember my childhood holidays with fondest memories spent in the Isle of Wight. A spot of rock pooling, walking in the countryside, eating ice creams, boat rides to the Needles and weather that was pleasant but NOT baking hot.

  147. natalie smith

    florida in 2012. loved swimming with the dolphins

  148. Suzie W


  149. Laura Pritchard

    A week in New Orleans with 3 of my best friends in 2003!

  150. Edward Guerreiro

    My favourite holiday was probably the earliest family trip to Portugal I can remember. We went for 6 weeks, and I have many good memories from that trip. Including spending time with my extended family.

  151. Stuart Dunlop

    Went on a trip of a lifetime to Australia – fab

  152. Emma Price

    Having travelled around the world I think my favourite holiday was with my boyfriend last year on the Isle of Wight. It’s definitely who you spend the time with and we had so much fun exploring the island, it could have been the Caribbean and I wouldn’t have enjoyed it any more!

  153. Stev Rigby

    Australia visiting my daughter who was working there for a year

  154. paula cheadle

    In 1990, my first holiday abroad, with my now hubby, it was a little Greek island called Symi, it was where I got my engagement ring made and designed

  155. maria

    goa it’s just a beautiful relaxing experience

  156. Jayne Townson

    A lovely holiday in Florida when I was 18. Thanks for this lovely giveaway.

  157. Ruth Davies


  158. Geoff Hibbert

    We went to Kenya for a 10 day safari

  159. Avril Randall

    Safari Holiday mainly in Botswana including the Okavango Delta but also a bit of Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe incl. Helicopter ride over Victoria Falls, 2 nights on a house boat on Zambezi. Fantastic.

  160. Lisa Pond

    Went to Milan earlier this year, beautiful city

  161. Diana

    Our short holiday to Switzerland 🙂

  162. Eve Ogden

    Best holiday ever was Florida

  163. Vicky Allum

    I went on a Mediterranean cruise and it was amazing. I was only in my late twenties so it broke the stereotype of cruises being for older people!

  164. Chris Fletcher

    When I was a child we went on a camping trip across Europe, we travelled so far and saw so much

  165. A.E. ADKINS

    Best holiday so far was to India but Venice is the cit/place that we always return to.

  166. Tess D

    holidays as a child in Scarborough – fish and chips on the beach x

  167. natalee gosiewski

    my best hol ever was my first holiday with friends to ibiza

  168. Simone Griffin

    My favourite holiday was to Florida

  169. Rachael O'Brien

    The first holiday I took my children on a Sunday a single mum . I worked every hour I could to pay for it and as much as I was extremely terrified of having three children (15,11,8) on my own abroad I was hugely proud of myself for creating precious memories with them ! We went to a water park in Corfu ! Thankyou for this chance x

  170. Charlotte Owen

    My best holiday ever was visiting my partners mum in Italy – we ate so much amazing food, and I loved being immersed in traditional italian culture in the tiny little restaurants with home made limoncello! Perfect

  171. Teresa sheldon

    We had a family holiday to Tunisia a few years ago and it was lovely great weather good food and wonderful locals

  172. Karen Jones

    Egypt – went to Luxor a few years ago and it is the most magical place I have ever been

  173. Carolyn Jones

    I don’t think anything can better memories of childhood holidays spent in the Northumberland coast. The weather always seemed glorious and the icecream lasted longer.

  174. Tracey Susan Anderson

    We absolutely loved our voyage on the Grand Princess visiting a host of amazing countries in the Mediterranean 🙂 x

  175. Claire Toplis

    I loved in when we went to Washington DC

  176. Rachael Sexey

    Our holiday to Butlins last year with my in-laws ‍‍‍

  177. Amanda

    My best holiday has to be the time we went to Rome for my friend’s wedding… I hadn’t seen her in years as she’d moved abroad and I had been studying at uni, so seeing her on her wedding day was just so wonderful. My husband proposed to me the day before her wedding, meaning I got to share my happy news with her too! And, of course, who wouldn’t love a trip to Rome even without all those extra memories we made?

  178. Claire Elizabeth Noke

    Mine wasrome. a romantic long weekend city break, it was a complete surprise arranged by my fella for our 13 year anniversary! xx

  179. Deborah Mackenzie

    That is a hard choice, we have travelled in a lot of different places in Europe, but spent most of our time in Italy. I love Italy it is such a beautiful country with the nicest people.
    But I also loved going to Alaska.

  180. AnnaS

    Fort William.Wonderfull!

  181. Fiona jk42

    My husband & I spent 6 weeks backpacking in India almost 40 years ago. We arrived in Bombay, then went by steam train through Gujurat and Rajastan, stopping in wonderful places such as Udaipur, Jaipur & Agra, eventually arriving in Delhi. India was very underdeveloped and a lot of the places we stayed at were pretty basic, but we had a great time. We also went to Kashmir and stayed on a houseboat for a week, something that is now impossible because of the unrest in that area. India is still a very interesting country to visit but I’m glad we went when it was still unspoilt by modern development.

  182. Karen Scott

    Best holiday was Jamaica when I was much younger and could enjoy the red stripe lol

  183. Victoria Deacon

    Florida 2006 our second time parents first time and my now hubby proposed to me out side magic kingdom castle

  184. Karen Walder

    We went to Rome last year and loved it!!

  185. Adrian Bold

    My best ever holiday was to Las Vegas. Incredible place!

  186. Lynn Neal

    Majorca but I would love to visit Italy one day!

  187. Ben Robb


  188. Natalie Gillham

    The best holiday I ever had was when I went to Spain as was a teenager with my friends.

  189. Lia Bu

    Pembrokeshire in Wales, it holds so many happy childhood memories x

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