Win a selection of Crosta & Mollica sweet and savoury Italian biscuits

Grissini, tarallini, crostini or dolcetti? Italian savoury snacks are always so popular and they are great at any time of the day.

For all of you who love Italian quality food, today I have a yummy giveaway. A selection of my favourite Italian treats including “Baci di Dama” or ‘lady’s kisses’ which are delicate hazelnut biscuits typical of the Ligurian region lavishly joined together with a rich chocolate fondant and “Piccolo Dip” or little bread sticks with a hazelnut and chocolate spread to dip in.

This giveaway is kindly offered by “Crosta & Mollica” which translates from the Italian ‘crust & crumb’.

Crosta & Mollica was founded with a desire to make great Italian food that brings friends and family all together.

Crosta & Mollica biscuits

Enter the gleam form below for your chance to win it.

Terms and conditions:

  1. You can enter with the Gleam widget below via blog comment, twitter, instagram and pinterest.
  2. Please comment on this blogpost before proceeding with other entry options (this is mandatory).
  3. One winner will be randomly selected, announced in this blog post and contacted via their provided e-mail address. Please claim your prize within 4 days of being notified.
  4. Giveaway open to UK residents
  5. This giveaway closes on December 1st 2016


Win a selection of sweet and savoury Italian biscuits


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449 Responses to Win a selection of Crosta & Mollica sweet and savoury Italian biscuits

  1. Linda

    Lovely giveaway Alida. I live in the US, so well wishes for someone who lives in the UK.

  2. Kathleen chilvers

    Chocolate Chip Biscuits

  3. Kay sale

    My favourite biscuit is a shortbread

  4. Suzanne Drummond

    i love a shortbread

  5. Angela Treadway

    Shortbread! x

  6. iain maciver

    macvities digestive

  7. Christine Geery

    I love all Italian cookies. They are never too sweet, which makes them a perfect accompaniment with coffee or tea

  8. Lorraine Langham

    My favourite biscuit is a chocolate digestive – yum!

  9. Kim M

    Love wafer biscuits

  10. Jennifer Wlodyka

    Ginger nuts

  11. Jane Willis

    bourbon creams

  12. Tracey Ryder

    love dolcetti

  13. Rachel Stephenson

    Stem ginger

  14. A

    Anything with chocolate in it or on it! These look amazing, thanks for running the giveaway.

  15. Tania Atfield

    A biscuit like TUC or one for cheese

  16. Summer

    The snacks are nice ♥

  17. Carolynn Woodland

    Chocolate Digestives

  18. ann goody

    Ginger nuts

  19. Michaela Smith

    I love chocolate biscuits 🙂

  20. Anita

    I don’t really have a favourite as such, it depends what I’m craving, which is normally chocolate hobnobs or chocolate digestives

  21. Julie T

    Ginger nuts

  22. Popcorn

    I’m partial to a chocolate hobnob

  23. lucy higgins

    i love digestives and shortbread

  24. Tracy K Nixon

    I loveMarks and Spencers Curls biscuits!

  25. Janet Humphrey

    Grissini are my favourites. Thanks for the chance

  26. Jayne hall


  27. KATHY D

    Anything with a wafer in it

  28. Margaret Gallagher

    Love crostini as they are perfect with homemade soup

  29. laura stewart

    custard cream

  30. Joanne Beale

    I love either savoury cheesy biscuit with a tasty cheese or anything sweet with chocolate on it

  31. Peter Watson

    I still love Rich Tea to dunk in my tea.

  32. Nicki Evans


  33. Tracey Peach

    Jammy Dodgers I Love Them! 🙂

  34. Jackie ONeill

    Rich Tea

  35. Andrea Fletcher


  36. Katie

    I like bourbons, shortbread and anything with ginger in

  37. Rachael G

    Chocolate hobnobs

  38. Caroline H

    I’m rather fond of a Viennese Whirl!

  39. Emma Nixon

    I am rather partial to some buttery shortbread

  40. Valentina

    Love piadinas

  41. Kim Neville

    Chocolate praline biscuits

  42. Susan Crosswaite

    mmm, difficult choice as I love all biscuits, but I think chocolate digestives are my favourite

  43. Tracey Parker

    Biscotti is a real indulgence otherwise it’s a rich tea

  44. darren hay

    I love chunky chocolate chip cookies with a big mug of yorkshire tea

  45. Fiona K

    Dark chocolate biscuits

  46. Lucy Weatherley

    Tuc biscuits are quite nice

  47. Zoe C

    Anything chocolate

  48. Kevin000

    Chocolate digestives

  49. Holly Gibson

    I love chocolate chip cookies

  50. Lorraine Stone

    I like Jammie Dodgers!

  51. Rachel S

    ginger snaps

  52. Barbara Knight

    Biscotti, especially pistachio ones.

  53. Sally Fielden

    Fig rolls!

  54. laura banks

    has to be bourbon biscuits

  55. jodie harvey

    double chocolate chip cookies

  56. Jim Milligan

    Garibaldi biscuits for me

  57. Amanda

    I love Chocolate Digestives

  58. Susan Lloyd

    Biscotti x

  59. Jennifer Toal

    A dunking digestive

  60. maria garcia


  61. Alica

    A good chocolate chip!

  62. Emma Ellams


  63. Toni Pearson

    I love custard creams

  64. Carole E

    Chocolate biscuits

  65. frances hopkins


  66. claire nutman

    Garibaldi x

  67. barbara daniels

    shortbread, its the best

  68. Bob Clark

    Chocolate digestives

  69. Catherine L

    Chocolate digestives

  70. emma walters

    i do love shortbread

  71. Tracy Gibson

    Shortbread definitely

  72. Emma

    Custard Creams!

  73. olivia Kirby

    I like Jammie Dodgers!

  74. Alison Macdonald

    Dark chocolate hobnobs

  75. mick proctor

    Jaffa Cakes

  76. hannah Igoe

    It depends on the day but today its chocolate digestives

  77. Helen Farr

    A lovely biscotti, dipped in a hot drink. Gorgeous!

  78. temps_87

    Pan Di Stelle, i just got back from Italy and i love, love, love their biscuits!

  79. Louise A

    I like ginger biscuits made with stem ginger

  80. Andrea A

    Dark chocolate digestives

  81. Hannah Ingham

    Jaffa Cakes, though technically they’re a cake…

  82. Natalie Charman

    I love triple chocolate cookies.

  83. Rebecca Nisbet

    i dont half love a fig roll!

  84. Victoria N

    Anything with nuts!

  85. Sophie Dolan

    Chocolate Chip Cookies

  86. Michelle smith

    Ginger nuts

  87. Martina Pichova

    Anything with chocolate on it or in it.

  88. pete c

    shortbread is my favourite


    rich tea

  90. Lydia Graham

    It depends on my mood but this week it’s rich tea biscuits that I can’t get enough of

  91. Jo Hutchinson

    My favourite biscuit is chocolate chip cookies

  92. Alix boswell

    I like digestives

  93. michelle thompson


  94. amy bondoc

    i love shortbread its my favourite biscuit

  95. Abigail Cullen

    Milk Chocolate Digestives.

  96. caroline walliss

    I love Hobnobs.x

  97. Graham Ross

    Chocolate hobnobs

  98. Christine Lockley

    I love biscuits but especially oaty types like hobnobs – mmm yummy

  99. Jennifer Haden

    I love an unsweet hearty, wholegrain biscuit, my favourite brand is Amisa x 🙂

  100. Tim Graham

    I love a Jammy Dodger 🙂

  101. amy fidler

    mines chocolate chip shortbread x

  102. Emily Knight

    It has to be Jaffa Cakes for me – they’re so addictive!

  103. Daisy Connor

    caramel chocolate digestives. I love putting them in the frudge to make the caramel set before I eat that!

  104. Beverley Cousins

    Love shortbread

  105. Ruth Harwood

    I adore Malted Milk xx

  106. Ray Becker

    Jaffa cakes

  107. Cthek Goru

    Chocolate Digestives

  108. Sarah Lee

    Chocolate Hobnobs

  109. Tony Metcalfe

    Probably a Jammie Dodger.

  110. Julie Feathers

    Jaffa Cakes


    Shortbread 🙂

  112. Aaron Broad

    I like Bourbons

  113. Stacey Carnell

    Ones with chocolate on them 🙂 <3

  114. Bryony Marshall


  115. pauline hill

    CHOCOLATE Shortbread

  116. Andrew Curtis

    Ginger nuts are the best

  117. Jackie Dawson

    Custard Cremes

  118. James Harris

    My favourite type of biscuit is the bourbon.

  119. Antonia Boulting

    My favourite biscuits are almond biscotti

  120. Ray Dodds

    Chocolate Digestives

  121. Leanne Lunn

    Coconut rings

  122. Ali Thorpe

    Dark chocolate digestives.

  123. Michael Griffin

    Chocolate Digestives

  124. Hayley Lynch

    Ginger parkins

  125. Sue McCarthy

    Chocolate Digestive

  126. Lisa Robinson

    Bourbon biscuits 🙂

  127. Sara Zielinski

    My favorite biscuit is a buttermilk biscuit.

  128. Louise Comb

    Shortbreads 🙂

  129. Hazel Rea

    I love dark chocolate ginger biscuits – the flavours go together so well.

  130. Adrian Crook


  131. Chelsey Hollings

    Rich Tea

  132. Laura Pritchard

    I love Hob Nobs & chocolate Hob Nobs

  133. Michelle Ferguson

    I love shortbread

  134. Joanne Darnell

    fig roll

  135. helen tovell

    Milk chocolate hobnobs

  136. Christine Evans

    I love Chocolate Hobnobs

  137. Emma Jones

    Controversially – Fig Rolls!

  138. jules eley

    I love a biscotti

  139. Iona Cornish

    Cheesy Oat Biscuits

  140. Alvina

    Buttery shortbread x

  141. Solange

    Chocolate Digestives

  142. Simon C

    My favourite biscuits are Jaffa Cakes.

    Oooohh…. controversial! Are they biscuits or are they cakes? 😉

  143. Sophie Ade

    I love shortbread biscuits

  144. Judith Allen

    My Gran’s empire biscuits.

  145. Alison

    Custard creams

  146. rita leonard

    I love shortbread biscuits and the biscuits you get at Red Lobster

  147. Jean Shaw

    ginger biscuits

  148. Emma Bradshaw


  149. Kelly Jones

    Ginger nuts or chocolate digestives 🙂

  150. Anna Cheetham

    Caramel biscuits

  151. Daniel Harrison

    A Jaffa Cake!

  152. Jayne L


  153. Clair Dukes


  154. Ali Gill

    I love chocolate dipped shortbread!

  155. Deborah Clarke


  156. Myriam Clark

    Dark chocolate biscuits

  157. Emily Clark

    Fig roll

  158. Maralyn Smith

    I love Amoretti biscuits

  159. david cavender

    custard biscuits

  160. Kelly Hirst

    I love shortbread, it’s so buttery & crumbly I can’t resist!

  161. judy kennedy

    custard cream

  162. tracy sinclair

    My favorite are Chocolate Digestives, though I do like plain digestives too x

  163. Calyn Allum

    I actually adore Nice biscuits. I love the flavour of coconut so usually dunk them and mush them before eating them. It’s big thing in the USA to do that.

  164. Samantha

    Custard creams

  165. katrina walsh

    I’m loving wafer based biccies at the mo!

  166. Richard R

    I like a chocolate viennese

  167. lia sturman


  168. Karen Barrett


  169. Krzysia

    I used to love Gypsy Creams but I haven’t had them for years! Nowadays my faves are custard creams.

  170. aj


  171. Beky Austerberry

    Gooey chocolate chip cookies


    shortbread yum yum

  173. Lyla


  174. Susan Hoggett

    Caramel Shortbread is my absolute favourite!

  175. Kirsty Sparks

    I love Jammie Dodgers 🙂

  176. Jo Carroll

    Apart from every kind of cookie that’s ever been made…I love Garibaldi’s 🙂

  177. rebecca courtney

    love a bourbon

  178. kat lucas

    I love shortbread

  179. Christine Sunter

    I love ALL biscuits! Favourite would have to be chocolate stem gingers!

  180. Iris W

    How can I choose I love so many different biscuits, but if I have to it would be Kägifret a swiss chocolate waffle biscuit

  181. Jemma Dwyer

    cookies x

  182. Gillian Hitchen

    Chocolate chip and hazelnut

  183. Martha Chisholm

    Shortbread…especially if it’s homemade..mmmm…

  184. Tracy Newton

    I love chocolate digestives

  185. Alison Johnson

    I love Bourbon biscuits. But I do seperate them & eat them one side at a time after eating the cream in the middle!

  186. Nat thomason

    Homemade cookies

  187. claire griffiths

    i love shortbread

  188. Dawn Hull

    Chocolate dipped shortbread.

  189. Amber Rossi

    Cantucci dipped in Vin Santo! YUM!

  190. Tamsin Dean

    love custard creams

  191. Ffion Hoare

    They look yum and my ffavourite biscuit has to be Nice biscuits

  192. Katie Kingsbury

    Ginger Crunch Creams

  193. Laura-Jane Baker

    I really love amaretti biscuits – so yummy!

  194. Corinne Peat

    Chocolate digestives

  195. Sarah Hurrell

    Amaretti or brandy snaps at Christmas

  196. Richard T



    I love shortbread

  198. Margaret Clarkson


  199. clair downham

    jaffa cakes

  200. Stevie

    I like those Scottish Caramel Wafers.



  202. Elizabeth Doody

    Shortbread, especially when dunked!

  203. Mark R

    Milk chocolate digestives are my favourite

  204. Kristina

    I love Baci di Dama. They are SOOO YUMMY

  205. Sharon Lou Johnson

    i love shortbread and fig rolls x

  206. claire woods


  207. Warren Jacobs

    Shortbread for me.

  208. purpleshoes

    jammy dodgers

  209. lyn west

    I like savoury Cheese type biscuits

  210. Angie McDonald

    I love the jam and cream smiley face biscuits!

  211. Magdalene Drummond

    Shortbread 😀

  212. marie miles

    bourbon creams.

  213. Rachel White

    A chocolate hobnob always goes down well with a cup of tea

  214. Llinos

    Ginger biscuits

  215. Matthew Warman

    Definitely bourbon biscuits

  216. Laura Nice

    Short bread

  217. Nicola Doherty

    I love an Oreo! Brilliant with tea, even better dipped in milk or got chocolate. And can be used to make an awesome cheesecake !! yum yum !!!

  218. Emilia nastaly-howard

    Chocolate digestives 🙂

  219. Claire Elizabeth Noke

    I love a Viennese Whirl 🙂

  220. sharon stanley

    Love chocolate cookies yum, but don’t think I have found a biscuit I don’t like yet

  221. Ella L

    I love Biscotti and sponge fingers

  222. Jennifer morgan

    Has to be shortbread x


    Ginger crunch creams, could eat a full pack

  224. Donna W

    I love almond biscotti dipped in my coffee or anything covered in thick chocolate!

  225. Zoe. Trelfa-porter


  226. Angela Kelly

    At the moment I’m loving peanut butter Oreos.

  227. jo liddement

    My favorite biscuit is shortbread

  228. Susan Smith

    Custard Creams

  229. Jessica Howliston

    I love the milk chocolate caramel digestives! Mmm delicious! xx

  230. maria blythin

    love vianesse whirls x

  231. Anne Eames

    I love shortbread biscuits

  232. Becky Duffy

    I love Rich Teas, I do like a plain biscuit myself 🙂

  233. Victoria Prince

    Hard one, but I think my favourite type of biscuit is a ginger biscuit 🙂

  234. Nadine

    Chocolate digestives

  235. gemma middleton

    Jaffa cakes are most definitely the best biscuits ever!

  236. Laura Jeffs

    I love custard creams, they are my absolute favourites!

  237. Meryl Rees

    I love a chocolate hobnob

  238. Diane Waugh

    Chocolate digestives

  239. Jane

    Pink wafer biscuits are my favourite, remind me of my childhood

  240. Shelley Jessup

    I love a nutty chocolate biscuit something with a crunch is so satifsfying

  241. Sarah McCarthy

    All the biscuits! Custard Creams

  242. michelle o'neill

    pink wafers x

  243. Ruth Goddard

    Rich tea

  244. Claire Jones

    Love a bourbon biscuit

  245. Amanda Friend

    Ginger Nuts

  246. Rachael Mccadden

    pink wafers

  247. Amanda Walsh

    I love a well made shortbread

  248. Maria P

    anything with chocolate

  249. Jeanette

    I love all butter shortbread

  250. Shona J

    The humble hobnob!

  251. Rachel Butterworth

    Bourbon biscuits.

  252. Angela


  253. John Tingay

    Chocolate Rich Tea are my favourite biscuits

  254. Carol Black

    cheese savoury


    Florentine biscuits are my favourite

  256. Ann Skamarauskas

    Jaffa Cakes

  257. katrina ann cristofoli

    chocolate biscuits…..yyum

  258. Kim Styles

    I love the little Danish Butter Cookies you buy in a tin

  259. Kristyn Harris

    I love shortbread biscuits

  260. Eileen Tingle

    I like the TUC cheese sandwich biscuits

  261. Richard Tyler


  262. Allan Wilson


  263. Maxine G

    I love savoury biscuits, parmesan shortbreads being my current favourites!

  264. Richard Wood


  265. Julie Scattergood

    Stem Ginger Cookies

  266. carole nott

    chocolate hobnobs

  267. Jane H Shaw

    I love plain biscuits my favourite is Ginger Nuts Thanks

  268. greig spencer


  269. Helen Gilbert

    Bahlsen milk chocolate wafer rolls…

  270. Ria

    Chocolate chip cookies !

  271. Hannah Wood

    Butter biscuits

  272. Jo McPherson

    To dip in tea it’s plain chocolate digestives. On their own, shortbread

  273. Rebecca Smith


  274. Pam Smith

    Ginger Nuts

  275. Janet Birkin


  276. Clare Hubbard

    I love a bourbon!

  277. Lucy Rootes

    A good chuncky choc chip cookie.

  278. Aideen McElhone Patel

    custard cream!

  279. Laura Bryant

    Chocolate digestives

  280. Kat Allinson


  281. Natasha Mairs

    I love all types of biscuits, but my favourite is a chocolate mcvities


    hobnobs 🙂

  283. Bev B

    I love thin lemon shortbread- not too sweet.

  284. shelagh milne


  285. Sarah Norgrove


  286. Leanne Joy

    Mcvities chocolate hobnobs

  287. Debbie Nichols

    White choc and pistachio cookies (or the chilli choc ones my step son makes)

  288. jen samuel

    I adore a little ameretti biccy with a nice coffee

  289. Lauren Old

    Chocolate digestives

  290. Sheila

    Chocolate digestives

  291. Julian Norris

    Simple Custard Creams make my day!

  292. Lucy Major

    I like either breadsticks as savoury or dark chocolate hobnobs 🙂

  293. Anthea Holloway

    I love macaroons best.

  294. Alison

    Chocolate chip cookies

  295. simon hardy

    anything with chocolate

  296. Mary Baldwin

    Ginger snaps or ginger nuts or me – especially with a slither of cheese on top!

  297. Steph at Mental Parentals

    Amaretti biscuits are one of my favourites x

  298. Tee simpson

    Custard cream

  299. pam Lawrence

    I love homemade all-butter shortbread at Christmas time, but for the rest of the year my favourite biscuits are tinge nuts x

  300. Marie Evans


  301. Charmian Filewood

    My fav would be shortbread

  302. Kelly Horan

    whoever wins better get the industrial size kettle out!

  303. Juli Savage

    Fig Rolls

  304. Rebecca Powell

    I love rich tea biscuits

  305. Rebecca

    Hovis wholemeal digestives.

  306. Robyn Clarke


  307. Emma Jones

    Has to be a chocolate hob nob!

  308. Romana Richards

    I like biscotti the best, preferably thinly sized but I dunk them so I don’t shatter my teeth when I bite into them!

  309. Linda Guest

    I love savoury things, my favourite is cracked pepper and sea salt biscuits

  310. Rachael Mccadden

    custard creams

  311. Catherine Davis

    Cant beat chocolate hob nobs

  312. A.E. ADKINS

    Bath Oliver water biscuits

  313. adrian price


  314. Jessica Cook

    bourbon creams

  315. Sharon Arnott

    Those ginger biscuits that are covered in dark chocolate

  316. Irene Murdoch

    Shortbread biscuit

  317. Andrew Petrie

    Chocolate digestives.

  318. Julie Barrett

    Shortbread biscuits are my favourite

  319. Lynsey Buchanan

    I love Border’s Dark Chocolate Gingers

  320. Deborah Bird

    Shortbread is my fave biscuit!

  321. Jayne Kelsall

    Chocolate cookies are me favourite, especially to dip in a cup of coffee 🙂 .x

  322. Sheri Darby

    Ginger biscuits

  323. Martina Alban

    shortbreads or any other butter buscits

  324. Kerry Miller


  325. Susan Williams


  326. Lorna Peppiatt

    I love wafer biscuits

  327. Jayne K

    Choc chip cookies

  328. Allan Fullarton

    Love Shortbread.

  329. Dominique Clarke

    Love Shortbread

  330. AG

    Biscuits are my downfall. They are my best friend and my worst enemy. My favourites are custard creams, chocolate digestives and cookies.

  331. Rebecca Funnell

    Choc Digestives

  332. zoe somerfield

    Bourbons, but basically anything without raisins in

  333. Carol wilson

    Chocolate chip shortbread

  334. Jane Morrice

    Milk chocolate digestives 🙂

  335. Lesley Bain

    Dark chocolate coated ginger biscuits, they are so tasty and crunchy!

  336. Joanne Hutchings

    Chocolate hobnobs are my favourite.

  337. Fleur

    Amaretti biscuits

  338. Kerry Kilmister

    I love chocolate bourbons

  339. Kev C

    I’ve always love custard creams 🙂

  340. Sarah Davison

    I love a chcolate chip cookie

  341. Derek Wilson

    Biscotti 🙂

  342. Donna Caldwell

    I love digestive biscuits especially dunking them

  343. Kerry Elsworth

    Choc chip cookies

  344. Tina Glover

    I love oatmeal biscuits particularly hobnobs yum

  345. Ellen Stafford

    Definitely shortbread.

  346. Ema J Lowe

    fruit shortcake

  347. Kim Lam

    Chocolate hobnobs

  348. Amanda Norwood

    Chocolate chip shortbread

  349. donna l jones

    love shortbread

  350. tarbs gill

    I love most biscuits! Love chocolate hobnobs

  351. Joanna Kasznicki

    Hobnobs are lush

  352. Gemma Cook

    Chocolate chips cookies

  353. irene gilmour

    short bread

  354. caroline tokes

    i love nice buscuits

  355. Eileen McC

    Jaffa Cakes

  356. Paula Cheadle

    Malted Milk

  357. Danielle Graves

    a custard cream

  358. Jane Middleton

    plain digestive

  359. Kat Glynn

    Milk Chocolate Hobnobs 🙂

  360. Damian Thomas

    Pink wafer 🙂

  361. alice lightning

    love any biscuit especially a crawfords custard cream

  362. Emma H

    Chocolate chip cookies

  363. Mark richardson

    Custard creams or jammy dodgers

  364. Michaela Hannah

    Chocolate chip cookies

  365. Sheila Reeves

    Shortbread, it’s so moreish!

  366. Mary Lennon

    Chocolate digestives with a layer of caramel in them – can’t remember what they called

  367. Lucy Chester

    Love Chocolate Digestives and always have them with a cup of tea

  368. Jenny Prest

    I love all biscuits!

  369. Hayley Todd

    My favourite biscuits are Danish Butter Cookies. I absolutely love them.

  370. Meena H

    I love a good jammy dodger!

  371. Katie

    Chocolate Hob Nob

  372. Emily Hutchinson

    I have a soft spot for custard creams

  373. Diana

    Rich Tea

  374. Patricia Avery

    Shortbread 🙂

  375. Victoria Dixon

    My favourite biscuits are Amaretti biscuits – yum yum yum they are the best

  376. Sue Wickins

    I love ginger biscuits

  377. Caroline Shepherd

    I love those M&S ones that are more chocolate than biscuit! But the Baci di Dama above sound delicious.

  378. Stephanie LLewellyn

    chocolate digestives

  379. lucy knight

    my favourite type of biscuit is jam sandwich creams and shortbread

  380. Kyomi Johnson

    Shortbread biscuits

  381. Natasha R-M

    Cherry biscuits

  382. Lisa Christopher

    Chocolate hobnobs

  383. michelle olner

    custard creams

  384. Matt Allison

    Bourbon biscuits

  385. Sabine Bassler

    I like savoury biscuits, like the Tarallini. I first had them on a holiday in Puglia and became addicted!

  386. Kirsteen Mackay

    I love milk chocolate digestives

  387. denise s

    jammie dogers

  388. Stuart Robinson


  389. helen jones

    Ginger thins – love to dunk them in tea and coffee

  390. John Jewett

    Chocolate chip cookies

  391. Vickie Jackson

    I have a bit of a weakness for Amaretti biscuits but I have to hide them from my kids!!

  392. Michaela Campbell

    Crunch Creams

  393. grainne fox


  394. Mary H

    The better the crunch the happier I am. Or a good buttery shortbread is always a winner too.

  395. George Wright

    Milk chocolate malted milk!

  396. Amanda Young

    chocolate chip cookies

  397. carol boffey

    jaffa cakes

  398. stephanie whitehurst


  399. Maureen M

    Florentines or failing that choco;ate digestives

  400. Susan B

    Chocolate Florentines are my all time favourite biscuit. Yum.

  401. nicola james

    i love fruit shorties nomnom

  402. Lia Burns

    Chocolate chip cookies

  403. Rennene Hartland

    Custard Creams

  404. Ann Williams

    Chocolate Digestives

  405. Lorna Roberts

    Anything chocolate!

  406. Kimberley H

    Choco Leibniz

  407. Michelle Wild


  408. Corinne Wright

    Shortbread is my all time favourite

  409. Sam Cornford

    Jammie dodgers

  410. gemma brown


  411. sharon martin

    i love gingerbread biscuits

  412. karen clapp

    love a chocolate hob nob 🙂

  413. Jane Skarratt


  414. tishist


  415. Gemma Massey

    Bourbon biscuit

  416. Sarah Wilson


  417. Claire Nelson


  418. Debbie Preston


  419. Chris Williams

    jam and cream sandwiches

  420. Pauline Black

    I love ginger nuts!

  421. Kathleen Thomson

    Chocolate hobnobs

  422. Julie Edwards

    Jammie Dodgers

  423. Julie Camm

    I enjoy biscotti, love the crunch

  424. Samantha Fernley

    I love anything chocolatey.

  425. Colette Sheeran

    Milk chocolate Hobnobs

  426. Deborah Mackenzie

    Snicker Doodles! Just have to make them more often.

  427. Emma


  428. Nicola Andrijauskas

    Anykind!! I’ve got a very sweet tooth xx

  429. Victoria Thurgood

    a cookie

  430. dana


  431. Amanda Botterill

    I love shortbread

  432. claire croft

    any ones with chocolate on them oh and ginger nuts!

  433. Stacey Leigh

    Scottish Shortbread! xx

  434. Leanne Humberstone

    Rich Tea

  435. Fiona jk42

    chocolate digestive, but for dunking in coffee I like rich tea

  436. Victoria B

    My favourite would have to be a Bourbon. Anything chocolate though!

  437. Adrian Bold


  438. Natalie Richardson

    Quite honestly, any biscuits are my favourite

  439. Diane Duggan

    I love ginger biscuits.

  440. Natalie Crossan

    Hobnobs 😀 xx

  441. Sue Price

    I LOVE savoury biscuits, Tarallini is my favourite. Preferably either sesame or fennel,

  442. Natalie Jones

    Garibaldi biscuits!

  443. Christopher Read

    Tim Tams

  444. Natalie Gillham

    Forentines x

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